07 July, 2009

Your 15 Minutes Starts...NOW

It sucks to have your 15 minutes of fame entangled with a tragedy. Trust me - this is something I have a little experience with.

Yesterday, I have to admit I was rather amused to hear the voice of my darling "Matt of Honor" coming through my TV. He's a dispatcher for RCFD and was on all three 911 calls released to the media (warning: link to MP3 file) after Sunday's accident.

Knowing him as well as I do, the first thing I thought was, "wow, he's really annoyed!" The call I heard on the news last night was (I think) the third call he got. It sounds to me like he was getting to the point of "I KNOW there was an accident...please tell me something new!" Of course, I might be putting words in his mouth. But that's what it sounded like to me.

Anyway, way to go Matt. :-)

1 comment:

wickedmess said...

Heh. I can hear hear Matt mentally screaming "People, PLEASE give me the info I need to do my job!!!"

Regarding the proverbial 15 minutes of fame, what do you think the tragedy vs. triumph ratio is?