31 October, 2010

Killing Myself for a Bargain

I had a coupon from Snapfish - buy one calendar get two free - and decided I couldn't pass it up. I didn't read that there was a specific size calendar included, so my first three hours of work (on three separate calendars) was pretty much wasted.

Round two of calendars took me a little less than two hours, and they actually came out better than round one. I guess I can't complain. Except about my aching click & drag fingers! My hands HURT!

Anyway, now Scott and I each have calendars for our offices, and I made one for home that's mostly pictures of us. It's my favorite!

My creativity has been sapped for the day, so please excuse me while I go dig into leftover Halloween candy and then head to bed.

30 October, 2010

Label Fail

This is an actual tab on an actual hanging file in my desk. I spent a few hours over the past week cleaning out the desk, mostly recycling a half-ton of various papers (hello? isn't that what computer archives are for?) and moving folders around.

Despite all of the unsentimental brush clearing I did, I couldn't bring myself to get rid of the "Scap Paper" file, because every time I see it I chuckle.
I have approximately 100 hanging files in three drawers in my desk, and personally use five. There are another ten with stuff I haven't yet decided it's ok to toss. And of course, 2" of scrap paper that's been memorialized in an otherwise unused drawer (note: the folder in front of the tab is full of half-used notebooks. WTF?).

I'll leave you with two other pictures, for S&G's. These are the other file drawers. The first is the one I actually use (the first five files, at least). The second has 62 files - two sets labeled 1-31. Obviously I didn't do that zig-zag with the tabs. It pings my OCD every time I see it!

29 October, 2010

Do You Know What Time It Is?


It's been a long day, but now it's the weekend, I finally got my contact lens prescription filled, and tomorrow is the Rally to Restore Sanity.

If you can make sense out of that last sentence, you're probably as tired as I am.

Good night!

28 October, 2010

Hooray! The '10-'11 Straz Season Has Started!!

If you're lucky, perhaps tomorrow there will be a review...

27 October, 2010

Out of the Loop

I'll be honest: I missed the whole Marie Claire kerfuffle a few days back. I knew something was up because I read a few random tweets about it, but I am just about at my saturation point for journalists (and I use that term loosely) saying stupid things and being fired so I tuned out.

Then one of my favorite author-bloggers took the magazine to task.

Nutshell: columnist writes ridiculously insensitive column about how fat people gross her out. Nope, I'm not oversimplifying:

"So anyway, yes, I think I'd be grossed out if I had to watch two characters with rolls and rolls of fat kissing each other ... because I'd be grossed out if I had to watch them doing anything. To be brutally honest, even in real life, I find it aesthetically displeasing to watch a very, very fat person simply walk across a room — just like I'd find it distressing if I saw a very drunk person stumbling across a bar or a heroine addict slumping in a chair."

And so Jenn Lancaster, author of comic memoirs such as My Fair Lazy and Such a Pretty Fat, has stepped up to the plate to offer a well-reasoned, thoughtful, humorous, and downright amazing analysis and response. It's long, and you should read every word. Here's one paragraph to set the mood:

"Here’s the thing - I’ve spent my career trying to give readers the message that they should love themselves no matter what. I’ve worked hard to set the kind of example that will help empower women to embrace who they are and what they look like. Sometimes I’m stupid and vain and I get caught up in silly things like whether or not my teeth are properly whitened, but the point is I do my best to build myself – and, by extension, other women – up and I get pissed off when some self-righteous asshole tells us we aren’t of value because we don’t fit into some arbitrary standard of beauty."
I read the rest of the post with tears in my eyes, ready to attend a Fatty Rally and wave a Cacique bra over my head with one hand while holding a Five Guys burger in the other. I read the whole thing out loud to Scott. When I finished, his response was, "I love her!" And I love her too. And I agree with Jenn's ultimate conclusion that the girl who wrote the Marie Claire piece isn't the enemy. She's got opinions, and God love her for being brave enough to share them with the world. But shame on Marie Claire. Well, I guess they won't have to focus on plus-size fashion for a while - my guess is they just lost themselves an entire demographic!

As for Jenn, I've never actually read any of her books. I've got one that I bought earlier this month and hid from myself so that I'd have something new to read on the cruise. Maybe as a thank-you to her, I'll buy another one. After all, Scott will need something to read too!

26 October, 2010

Florida Ballot Amendments

It's one week until election day! And so today, I present a sneak-peek at Jamie's Votes on Florida's Amendment Proposals:

1. No
2. No
4. No
5. Yes
6. Yes
8. Yes

Want some more specifics? Sure! Well, I used Scott Maxwell's Amendments for Dummies column as a guide. And since he's already boiled down each proposal into 10-words-or-less synopses, I hope he'll forgive me for not paraphrasing them further...

1. Should Florida stop offering subsidies for statewide campaigns? I said no, because I like the idea of someday (obviously not this year) non-billionaires being able to competitively run for public office without dumping millions of dollars of their own money into mud-slinging ads. In college, the USG presidential candidates were held to a spending cap, and the election board had to log and stamp each and every sign, banner, and flyer before they went up. I think it made sense then, and I wish it worked that way in the real world.

2. Do soldiers serving abroad deserve property-tax breaks? This one was tough for me. I respect and revere soldiers, but this is just too vague. I don't think serving abroad in Germany is really that tax break worthy. I also don't like the idea that parents could add their adult soldier child as a co-owner on their home and live there tax-free indefinitely. Had the wording been more restrictive, I would have said yes. But now I say no.

4. Should voters have a more direct say on growth? No thanks...I elect city council so that I don't have to be bothered with little issues. Want more say? Go to council meetings and argue to your representatives. Otherwise, what are you paying them for?

5 & 6. Should Florida have compact, geographically sensible congressional and legislative districts? Yes. Have you seen our congressional districts? Thank you!

8. Should we make the class-size cap more flexible? Yes. It's ok to have 30 kids in a class, as long as that's the exception and not the rule.

Thanks to Scott Maxwell for paring down the amendments into normal-speak. And thanks to anyone who read all the way to the bottom. If you disagree with me, I hope you'll leave me a comment.

25 October, 2010

Today, It's the Nose

Does anyone remember that Puffs commercial with the kid whose nose literally ran across his face when the tissue approached? Today, that's me.

Aside from painful congestion, my nose is runny. But it's doing that thing where you just need to have a tissue on stand-by to catch drips. Any attempt to blow will just further compact the congestion.

And the sneezes! Big sneezes that seem to come from my toes! They are as painful as they are disgusting!

I was up on and off all night with a cough. No worries there - it was the tickle-in-your-throat annoying type of cough, not the honking-goose cough that I had the past few days. I made it through the day at work, and have found my way back to the couch. Don't look for me elsewhere.

...unless I decide to go out to the garage and take the drywall saw to my nose. It's not so much spiting my face as solving a problem!

24 October, 2010


It's a good thing I went and got the antibiotics yesterday, because I'm feeling about 100% worse today than yesterday. My sinuses realized they were missing out on the congesting, mucus-producing fun. And damn, am I tired!

It's unlikely that I'll be going to work tomorrow, but by antibiotic day #3 I know I'm at least not going to infect anyone else. But damn, I'm so tired!

Coughing is exhausting, as is nose blowing and keeping my eyes open. I'm not sure I could handle sitting up all day on top of all that!

23 October, 2010


I'm officially sick again. Hopefully 2 days of Azithromycin will make me better enough to go back to work on Monday. I've already accepted that the weekend is a wash - but full of soup and juice and other good things. And naps. Naps are the best part of being sick!

Please excuse me as I continue my convalescence on the couch and watch Harry Potter.

22 October, 2010

One Story, Two Versions

The Short Version:
I woke up this morning, brushed my teeth, washed my hair, dried my hair, got dressed, and left for work. I went to the safety meeting, shared pretzel nuggets, and then worked the rest of my shift.

The Long Version:
I woke up this morning at 3:51 - ten minutes before I was supposed to be at work. I flew out of bed, brushed my teeth, washed the top half of my hair from outside the tub, dried enough of my hair to get it started curling under, got dressed, ran downstairs, grabbed my purse, keys, and the bowl of pretzel nuggets, and left for work at exactly 4:00. I called to tell one of the third shift managers that I would be late and drove quickly but safely to work in exactly 30 minutes, went to the safety meeting where I was openly mocked for my tardiness, shared pretzel nuggets (and was forgiven for my tardiness because they were so darn tasty), and then worked the rest of my shift.

Strangely enough, I set two alarms last night. One went off an hour early and one didn't go off at all. It's good to know I can make it from passed out asleep to sitting at work in 39 minutes. It usually takes me longer than that just to drive to work, plus over an hour of awake time before leaving the house! Just the same, I don't think I'll be doing that again any time soon!

21 October, 2010


The DVR is dead.

For the past few weeks, the quality of the recordings was getting worse and worse. Then the quality of the signal on the HD channels started to get worse and worse. Then it failed to record Glee on Tuesday. Then when we tried the old shut it off and turn it back on trick tonight, it refused to reboot.


So tonight I won't be able to watch Night of Too Many Stars, because I'd rather watch Grey's Anatomy on the TV tonight than on tomorrow. I'll probably still end up watching Private Practice on the computer, because I'm tired and will be making a concerted effort to fall asleep early tonight.

That's right, tomorrow is my monthly 4am meeting. I made pretzel nuggets (the last sheet just came out of the oven) for them, because I'm just awesome like that.

Also not connected to anything else, Scott grilled turkey burgers and veggie burgers for dinner tonight. The veggie burger was surprisingly tasty. The turkey, even with fiesta dip (I read the label - it's not that bad for you), wasn't spectacular. It was good, and even moist, but just a little ho-hum.

And now it's time to get in bed and watch TV until I convince my brain to sleep.

20 October, 2010



Anyone want to know what I'll be doing starting in 10 minutes? Watching all of these songs performed at the White House by such fabulous performers as Idina Menzel, Nathan Lane, and Audra McDonald.

Can't wait!

19 October, 2010


Tonight for dinner I had cheese soup, escargot, bison chili, and a sausage in a pretzel roll.

Thank you, Food & Wine Festival! I look forward to hitting the other half of the world on another visit!

18 October, 2010

Headaches of the Literal Type

Saturday I woke up with a headache. It came and went, but when it came it was a doozy. It felt like an ice pick was being inserted into my head above my left ear and then wiggled around. Ibuprofen helped, but it didn't completely go away.

Tonight I had a different headache. This time, an elephant was sitting right on the top of my head. Still is, actually. So please excuse me while I turn the lights down low and wait for the pills to kick in.

17 October, 2010

Sunday (Not) Funnies

There's a reason I read the news online...

16 October, 2010

Mischief Managed

Scott and Katie and I tried to go to the corn maze this afternoon, but despite getting there almost 3 hours before closing time we were turned away. The experience wasn't positive, and I'm very sad because I'd been looking forward to going for 3 years. So we went to World Market in search of eclectic things instead. Katie got a cool hat, Scott got 2 fun new glasses, and I got a bottle of cherry soda. (I told you I was sad!)

And then I walked over and caught Scott being mischievous. He was doing our old trick of setting all of the timers so that they go off at the same time and then walking away. I had to take a picture of his handiwork:

It was the look in his eyes as he flipped them over that made me smile. And when I asked what he was doing and he responded wide-eyed that he was "setting all the timers so that they go off at the same time," I belly laughed.

And if I do say so myself, that's a pretty sweet picture. There is one other picture I took today, of the sign across from the corn maze parking lot (where, by the way, we were greeted by a man dressed as a scarecrow, complete with burlap sack over his face!):

Had it said "Grower of Truly Truly Truly Outrageous Sod," I would've hopped out of the car and made someone take my picture with it!

15 October, 2010

One Year Later

What were you doing a year ago today? If you were "Balloon Boy," you were not floating high above Colorado in a giant Jiffy Pop bag. If you were Scott and Jamie, you were signing your lives over to a mortgage company whose ability/professionalism left a lot to be desired. Then you went and spent more money at Rooms to Go, and then you visited your brand new house before going "home" to your apartment.

Has it really been a whole year? Has it only been one year?

It didn't take that long for me to feel like we've been here forever. After all, once there is clutter on the counter and a cat puke stain (or 20) on the carpet, it's basically "home." But the past year has absolutely flown by.

I love it here, with the windows open and the sound of the fountain (and the turnpike noise) floating in on the evening breeze. I love that my drive to work is at least 80% tourist free. I love that the cats have room to run. I love the water dispenser in the refrigerator door. I love having a garage for my car to live in.

The only thing I don't love is seeing what the houses on the other side of the pond are selling for now. And the goober next door. I don't love him either!

Happy Birthday, House!

14 October, 2010

Double Nickels

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Maybe now that you have matured to 55 you'll stop trying to steal Carol's family.


13 October, 2010

Good for Her

Apparently this week's theme is setting boundaries. It wasn't intentional - that's just how things worked out.

Also, now seems like a good time to say, "blah blah, miracle in Chile, blah blah, emotional, blah, heart-warming, blah blah blah." And I truly mean that. I watched #9 come up this morning and I saw him hug his waiting family. And it made me happy.

At work, my office-mate and I were talking about it, and since we're both of the age where we think bitter realism is better conversation than fairy tales, our conversation turned to that one miner with the wife and the mistress.

I'm shocked that he wasn't asking to remain down in the mine indefinitely. Well, it seems that in the many days that he had to consider his predicament and figure out how to handle the situation, he decided to play the stranded miner card:

Barrios reportedly asked both his wife and his mistress to be there to greet him when he emerged from underground.

After that, Salinas was done.

"He asked me to come, but it turns out he also invited the other woman and I have decency," Salinas said before the rescue, according to ABC News. "This is very clear: It's her or me.

"I'm happy because he was saved. It's a miracle from God. But I won't attend the rescue."

As a wife, I have to say good for her. Not only did she stand up for her values and her own self-worth, but she did so with class. It's obvious that she loves her husband, and was willing to forgive (or at least try to forgive) him for having had a mistress, but not for continuing to have a mistress.

I'd like to imagine that once Yonni has a chance to settle back into some semblance of normalcy, he'll realize his "love" of the mistress was mostly lust mixed with the fear of getting caught. Now that she's not the forbidden fruit, she'll probably not taste quite as sweet.

And then the question becomes this: does Marta Salinas have it in her heart to forgive him? Can she forgive that he strayed in the first place? Can she forgive that he wanted to keep them both? Can she forget that he kissed that other woman with the whole world watching?

And now, we return to live-streaming of more blah blah amazing rescue blah blah blah.

12 October, 2010

Announcements for Family and Friends

please stick around to the end (or just skip to the end) if you are just here for the tickets

For Sale: Two fabulous tickets to see Irving Berlin's White Christmas at the Straz Center for the Performing Arts in Tampa. The show is on Thursday, December 2 at 7:30 pm. Face value of the tickets is over $60 each, but our price is very negotiable. This was part of our season ticket package, and we aren't going to be able to go. E-mail me if you're interested.

If you are planning on coming to see the Candlelight Processional this year, please let me know when. Show preferencing and sign-ups start soon, and I have no idea what to sign up for! The show description and narrator list can be found here. I won't be available for shows until December 7, but after that can do the 2nd/3rd shows Mon-Thurs or the 1st show on Sunday. Friday/Saturday I'm only available if Scott wants to go. (my decision, not his, we're working opposite shifts right now and his days off are the only time we see each other) If you're coming, I strongly recommend the dinner package. That way you have guaranteed seating and won't have to wait in line for an hour or more just to get a crappy seat in the back. I'm planning on trying to sing when Jodi Benson, Thomas Gibson, and Marlee Matlin are narrating, but can certainly be available on another date. Please let me know ASAP if you might be coming.

What about park admission? Thank you for asking!

For anyone planning on inquiring about free or discounted theme park tickets in 2010 or 2011, please keep the following in mind: I am given a limited number of free admits every year, and I have to physically go to the park with you in order to use them. For discounted tickets, I need to have your money in advance and have to go buy them during my time off. While I am more than happy to go out of my way for my friends and family who treat me like friends or family (especially the ones who come to see me performing in Encore or Candlelight), I am disinclined to do so for anyone who never calls, e-mails, or even contacts me on Facebook until they need something.

I'm not saying I need my ego stroked or hand held, but a Christmas card or the occasional "hello, how are you?" is a great gesture.

And if this has somehow offended you, I apologize. Setting boundaries is an important part of life, and this is my boundary.

Thanks, and I look forward to seeing you for Candlelight or in 2011!

11 October, 2010


I had my cholesterol measured, got a flu shot, did some light grocery shopping, walked a bunch, made pot pies for dinner...

oh yeah, and worked for 8 hours.

If you need me, I'll be that pile of work clothes melted into the couch facing the TV playing Dancing with the Stars. And after that, I'll be asleep.

10 October, 2010

Another Trip to the Mall?

For real, I found myself at the mall for the second day in a row today. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), the mall closes really early on Sunday. And so do most of the stores at Winter Garden Village. So I did a lot of driving today, but not a lot of shopping.

That's probably for the best.

Cat and I had a really good time though, catching up, sharing work stories (hers - mine aren't interesting), eating greasy food, and whatever. When the company is good, the rest is inconsequential.

09 October, 2010

Lots Done

Floppy hat shopping at the mall was an epic failure. This time of year, unless you want a ski cap or a dressy hat with feathers, you're basically out of luck.

We did, however, stumble across a doorbuster sale at JC Penney. I found an 80% off rack in the men's department with Scott's short-sleeve button-down shirts on sale for $5 each, got him 2 polo shirts, and bought an argyle sweater for myself (also men's...but with purple in it). The bottom of the receipt says we saved $185.12, and when the cashier read that out, I literally high-fived Scott.

After the mall, we swung by Target, where I found a floppy hat last week but didn't buy it. I got one (on clearance, 1/2 price) that works for me, and bought a big pair of sunglasses to go with it. Paired with the cover-up I ordered from Old Navy, I'm going to look so fabulous walking to and from the pool/beach during our vacation...right up until the hat flies off my head and into the ocean!

After Target, we grocery shopped, came home for a little while, and then headed off to the park formerly nicknamed MGM (now DHS) for dinner. We made good time, so we had time for a quick ride on the Great Movie Ride, where we were treated to a surprise show by my Encore friend Melissa, playing the part of the gangster who hijacks your car. She's really good at it.

And then dinner at Mama Melrose's was spectacular as always. I had tomato & mozzarella salad and goat cheese ravioli and Scott had clams and the pork chop. Mmm...delicious!

And now we're home and my feet hurt. It was a great day, and I think we both really needed a great day. Tomorrow Scott's back to work and I've got some laundry to do. Back to the real world!

08 October, 2010


It's Friday!

Scott and I are hoping for a better weekend than last week. Tomorrow, we're going floppy hat shopping and having a 50% off dinner at one of our favorite Italian restaurants. Maybe we'll have some more fun too.

Tune in again tomorrow for the exciting conclusion!

07 October, 2010

Oh Really?

Orlando Sentinel columnist Mike Thomas thinks I'm a lousy democrat, and wants me to stand behind Kendrick Meek through the Alamo-like slaughter to come:

And so I say this to the Democrats: There's right and there's wrong. So grab your muskets and go down swinging with Kendrick Meek.

Democrats who have embraced Charlie Crist are dead as a beaver hat.

Their justification for bayoneting Meek in the back is that Charlie is the only guy who can stop Marco Rubio.

Anyone who thinks that is putting too much K2 in the incense burner.

Thanks, Mike.

His justification for throwing out the term "back-stabber" (page 2) is that Rubio is so far ahead in the polls that there's almost no chance he can lose. So since it doesn't matter whether he wins by 1 vote or 5 million, I should throw mine to the candidate destined to come in third so that he feels better about his loss? Because he was blinded by ambition and gave up his "safe" seat in the House to run for the Senate? Maybe if he hadn't been running, a stronger Democrat would've stepped up. If he campaigned more effectively, maybe he wouldn't be in third place now.

Look, Mike, those of us who are worried about the ridiculous havoc someone with Tea Party values could wreak in the United States Senate are willing to swallow our party loyalty and cast the vote we feel is best for the state of Florida and for the country.

I resent the implication that my vote doesn't count. I learned that lesson the hard way in 2000. My vote does count, and I will continue to take that responsibility seriously, balancing my morals and values with what I think is best for the future of the nation. Blindly voting along party lines? That's irresponsible. Voting your conscience? That's called civic responsibility.

Who knows? Maybe one of Custer's men had a better idea but was bound by tradition and loyalty to follow his leader to his death. Thank goodness we have a choice this year.

06 October, 2010

Senate Debate

(look, it was either this topic or one about my new fruity-scented cat litter. we'll probably get to the cat litter another day)

I watched Florida's US Senate debate tonight and came out with a few sad realizations:

1. Kendrick Meek is way outmatched. He reminded me of the speeches I heard from kids running for high school president. I hate to think he was the best candidate the Democrats had to offer.

2. If I agreed with half of Marco Rubio's positions, I'd vote for him in a heartbeat. He obviously believes what he's saying, he's passionate and articulate, and had facts to back up his positions. But I do believe in Obamacare, I don't think rich people will turn into apple sellers if their taxes are raised, I do think the stimulus was what we needed when we needed it, and I disagree with his positions on gay (erm, HUMAN) rights. The last point is almost enough to make me a single issue voter.

3. I think I'm going to vote for Charlie Crist. (yes, I did vomit a little in my mouth as I typed that) His current positions are my positions, he's more articulate than Meek, and if he flip-flops on less than half of the issues again then he's a reasonable choice for me. He's really unreliable though, which worries me. It's obvious his vote can be sold to the highest bidder (or the most powerful one).

I tuned in tonight wanting to get fired up and get back on Team D, but I just couldn't do it. I'm selling out to the candidate I believe has the best chance of defeating the far-right candidate. Even if that means voting for Chuck Putz.

Remind me to bring my nose plugs with me on election day...

05 October, 2010

To Be Continued

I waited a little longer than I should have to schedule my doctor appointment. I waited until I had calmed down from being pissed off at her, and decided that if I needed to break up with my dentist and my doctor in the same month that maybe the problem was me. So I did the grown up thing. The appointment was for this coming Friday after work.

But they cancelled it.

So when I called to reschedule and she couldn't see me until next Wednesday mid-day, I decided it was fate. Scott's doctor had an opening tomorrow, so I took it.

Hopefully this one will go better.

And in case you were wondering, I decided I didn't really want to be on birth control. So I'm going to switch to another blood pressure medicine instead. If he'll let me. Fingers crossed!

04 October, 2010

Open Sesame

The windows! They're open!

The downstairs windows are open, and with the ceiling fan on it's perfectly pleasant in the living room. Upstairs, all of the windows are open, and all of the doors in the hallway are open too. However meager the breeze, I am determined to suck in the fresh air as much as possible.

Sure, it's still 80, but it feels like fall to me!

03 October, 2010


What could be more of a comfort when you are sad than a hug? A big two-arms-stretched-as-far-as-possible hug can make any sadness go away, right?

Milo thinks so, too.

He's been on my lap every time I sat down today (granted, not usually treating me like his human teddy bear...). Right now, he's purring loudly as I reach over and around him to type. He has always been my 'therapy cat,' and right now I'm more grateful than ever for it.

We're ok, Milo. At least I think we are.

Hard to Say Goodbye

It's been a rough 24 hours around here. Our plans for a fun day out and about were replaced by an unplanned trip to the local Humane Society. Did you know that spiteful non-litterbox peeing is behavioral and once it starts is nearly impossible to stop? It took me the better part of 8 years to come to that realization and to finally act on the decision that Scott and I had made at least twice a year for at least the past four years.

So I sobbed in the shower, sobbed after the shower, sobbed as I sat in the bathroom with Kilo, brushing him and scratching his head while he sat on my lap and purred, sobbed when I had to man-handle him into the cat carrier, sobbed when I let Elphie in to say goodbye, sobbed in the car the whole way there, sobbed while I waited in the car for Scott, sobbed the whole way home, and sobbed for a while after that.

It took me a while to realize that no matter what happens now, we gave him a good home and we loved him. Milo and Elphie loved him. And even if he's not here with us, he'll always be a part of this family. He's peppered throughout the photo albums, this blog, and the one before it. I just hope that in time the guilt and anger I feel now will fade and I can focus on the happy memories like the ones below...

And here's one more. I took it Friday night, before we knew that would be his last night here. He was howling at the glass door, and when I went to investigate I saw he and the neighbor cat were having quite a conversation. They could be (fun house) mirror images of eachother.

Truthfully, I didn't think I'd miss him at all. But the house seems a little too quiet now. I hope he's ok, and I hope he forgives me for giving up on him. It really was the hardest decision I've ever had to make.

02 October, 2010

Doing Something

Both the PSU and 'Bama games start at 8:00 tonight, so Scott and I are going to leave the house today and do something. We just haven't decided what. We're both a little sore from our little furniture moving party* so I'm not sure I'm up for anything that involves walking a million miles in the heat.

Movie? Mall? IKEA? I know for sure we're going grocery shopping, but we haven't made any plans beyond that.

I hear my stand mixer going... I guess I should go find out what's for breakfast. My money is on biscuits.

* Our one-year house warranty expires this month, so we brought up a laundry list of little broken things that needed to be fixed. The sink faucet in the upstairs guest bath now has full pressure, the cosmetic cracks have been caulked, there are baseboards on the landings of the staircase that weren't there before, and the painter who did the baseboards was nice enough to run around with a bucket of paint and touch up some scratches and dings.

Last but not least, the horribly squeaky floors in our hallway, master bedroom, office, and stairs have been eliminated (again) (for now). But in order for us to make that happen, we had to move all of the bedroom and office furniture into the cats' room and move the cat box into the bathroom (and then the hallway). It was actually fun in a weird way, and now that everything is put back together, the upstairs is actually neat and tidy.

01 October, 2010


I read today on Twitter that October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month, Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and Breast Cancer Awareness Month . There's got to be a joke in there somewhere. (a one-armed man, a wife-beater, and a boob walk into a bar...) According to Wikipedia, it's also the awareness month for infertility, Down Syndrome, blindness, SIDS, and dental hygiene. So in short, we should spend the next 31 days being aware of the world around us.

October 1 is also the anniversary of the opening of the Magic Kingdom and Epcot (a few years apart, of course). And since the summer tourists are gone and the heat index is below 100, it's time to head out to the theme parks as well. Perhaps I'll finally hit 10,000 steps on my pedometer in one day.

What are you doing or observing this month?