01 September, 2010


I'm having some pretty deep misery right now. Don't worry, I know that my feelings are disproportionate to my troubles. And I know that this too shall pass. But right this minute I'm overwhelmed. Today started out so nicely, with baking banana bread followed by eating as much hot banana bread as possible while packing it to take to work. It was good. Then at 11:15 my day took a downturn. Here's the bullet points:

  • Scott locked himself out of the house without his car keys, necessitating me leaving work for an hour and a half to let him in and therefore missing the potluck. (yes, we're already making plans for a hidden key)
  • The 3rd shift meeting for Friday got rescheduled to tomorrow because a "big" manager decided he wanted to attend and Thursday was a better day for him. Two o'clock wake-up call, here I come!
  • I got a voicemail from my doctor telling me that if I want a prescription (that we had previously discussed, and that the nurse told me on my last visit would be "called in to the pharmacy in about 10 minutes") that I would have to come in for yet another appointment. I didn't call her back because I was at work and prefer to not have those conversations in public.
  • I had an e-mail disagreement with one of the managers I support. Is it really so hard to answer a yes/no question so I can get on with my job?
  • I told Scott about the crappy voicemail from the doctor, which led to a crappy conversation about the dentist and how I still need to call them and reschedule the appointment that they same-day cancelled on me last month.
  • I got another call from the doctor's office while on the phone with Scott, which I let go to voicemail. This time it was the nurse telling me I needed to schedule an appointment in order to get a prescription.
  • I called back the office, navigating the phone tree only to get a receptionist who read my info and told me I needed to make an appointment. I refused and told her I needed to talk to the doctor. She connected me to the nurse.
  • The nurse regurgitated the whole appointment thing again, and I reminded her that I was promised a new prescription on my last visit and that I shouldn't have to come back in because the doctor and I already discussed things. She said she'd check with the doctor again, and I told her that if I couldn't get that prescription then she could change my blood pressure medicine to one with different side effects. She said I'd have to come in for any medication change.
  • I hung up the phone and cried.

My day really was overwhelmingly positive. My office mate saved me a plate of food from the potluck, I got to "rescue him right back," (bonus points to the person who gets that movie reference) work was mostly good, and of course there was banana bread. I'm trying SO HARD to focus on all of that, but instead I'm ready to curl up in a ball and cry myself to sleep.

Of course, sleeping now would definitely be a good thing! I'll be home by 1:00 tomorrow. Maybe I'll sleep all afternoon, too.

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mamajoy said...

omg, my last doctor's appt was just like that! he said he needed to double my dose of synthroid, but accidentally wrote the script for the SAME dose. As soon as I had it filled, I saw the error and called, but all I got was a bunch of CYA! He was incapable of admitting even a little mistake like that. Then, to cover his tracks even more, he ordered blood work! Um, I haven't been back!

Like the old joke says, "the difference between God and doctors is that God doesn't think He's a doctor!

So I went to my favorite diagnostic website, and typed in "low thyroid," added and deleted foods and vitamins as suggested, and I feel better than the drug ever made me feel! So poopie on him!