29 September, 2010

Political Minute

I think I've made up my mind to not vote for Alan Grayson. As a Democrat, I'm sure our opinions align on most important issues. I'm sure that not voting for him could severely hurt what MY president can do in the next two years. And I really have some party-line guilt. But his mud-slinging ads with barely a toe hold in reality are the worst I can remember in local politics.

I don't want a man with a moral compass that points south-southeast representing me in the House of Representatives.

If you want my vote, tell me your position on the issues. Tell me how you're better than your opponent. But don't waste my time telling me why your opponent is worse than you or by twisting his words into balloon animals full of toxic gas.

1 comment:

mamajoy said...

I wish we could be party blind ... just like race and gender. I wish we had to review their records, and vote on them without knowing the outside info.