28 September, 2010

Tropical Depression

It's raining.

It's been raining for the better part of the last four hours.

I drove home in a downpour.

And it's dark and gray.

There's a reason I live in Florida. Sure, it rains most days here, but it only rains for 1/2 hour! Days like today (and tomorrow I hear) just make me blue. Maybe blue-gray. And so, as Tropical Depression 16 dumps misery on us tomorrow, I'll be here wallowing in the weather.


mamajoy said...

It's funny how we survived rainy days, and even rainy weeks up north, but down here ... after 20 minutes, it's a crisis!

Data Byte said...

Did you realize that it was almost Called NICOLE and it was an off-shoot of Matthew??

The puns were running rampant around my house for about 3 days.