04 September, 2010

Who's 9?

Who's 9 today? Nope...couldn't possibly be Conner! (that's him in the front, in this picture from 2004)

I literally cried last night when I read on Facebook that his birthday is today. See, to me 9 sounds like an older kid - almost a tween - and I refuse to believe that a kid whose butt I wiped is that old.

I knew this kid when he chattered for hours on end without using any actual words. I knew him when he was little enough for Scott to throw in the air (and the accidentally drop onto his own head, causing both of them to bleed!). I remember watching a cartoon with him and proclaiming him to be a genius when he counted to 12 right along with Dora. I remember scrubbing marshmallow off of him. little monsters are growing up so fast I can hardly stand it! Amazing, because I haven't aged at all...

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