17 September, 2010

How Much is Too Much?

Is $24 too much for a ticket to a community theater show?

What if the show in question is Noises Off?

All of a sudden, $24 doesn't sound like too much...especially since Scott and I are both huge fans of the movie. And really, $50 isn't that much more than we spend in an average week eating out. It'll just be a different kind of date night - an actual dating event.

Yeah, I think we'll go.


wickedmess said...

$24 sounds like a bargain for Noises Off! Jon and I are big fans, too.

Our local community theater charges $20 to $50 depending on the show or you can buy 3 tickets for the season for $50 which of course ends up being a great deal.

Personally, I LOVE community theater. Good or bad it's always entertaining. ;-P

Data Byte said...

... and it's good to support community theater...

had some great times at Theater Winter Haven... :)