17 February, 2012

Measles, Mumps, and Purple Bumps

Yesterday almost all day, I had a tickle in my throat.  You know, the kind that makes you want to continuously make that "ehkkkkk" noise to dislodge whatever is tickling you?  I finally figured it out around 3:00 when I looked in the mirror at work.  There was a thing on my tonsil. It looked like a chicken pock.  (also, is that the singular of pox?)  I blamed Scott, and went back to drinking a record amount of water.

And then I sneezed.

Something flew out of my mouth and into my elbow pit.  It was a piece of oatmeal.  That's right, I spent about 8 hours with a cooked oat crusted onto my throat.

Not my finest hour(s).

At least it wasn't a raisin!

Post title inspired by the poem Sick, by Shel Silverstein

03 February, 2012

February $$AAA$$ Update

First of all, I would like to point out that I'm actually following through on the arbitrary goals I put on myself. That's a bigger deal for me than it should be.  I'm also updating you so that I continue to hold myself accountable.  So here's what's up:

$$ - Money - of all three goals, this is the one I've really done nothing with.  That said, I did get a student loan refund and immediately put half of the money into my credit card (and haven't spent anything on the card in quite a while) and set the other half aside for Scott's inevitable new car loan.  Blueberry is old, and Scott's been through multiple dealerships. No one does it like Saturn! 

AA - Grades - As of right now, my average in my Psych class is 94% and my Labor Relations grade is 90.8%.  That labor class has been a major culture shock for me. Weekly essays are more about condensing 5 pages of textbook (and citing it) in 250-350 words.  It's hard for me to do that because it only allows about 2% creativity and I'm used to coming up with my own ideas.  But the quizzes are open-book and a good portion of the grade revolves around discussion forums and group projects, so hopefully they continue to lift my mediocre essays.  The Psych grade is currently based on only 4 un-timed open-book quizzes.  The first exam (also open-note but with a time limit) is next week and worth 20% of my final grade.  I'm concerned, but my study sheet is already mostly filled in and annotated.  Plus, I'm awesome!

A$$ - The first night of the Walking League was this week, and my goal was simply to walk the whole hour without whining (to quote Juno, "woah, dream big!").  It was easier than I thought.  Scott and I walked 2.5 miles, and probably could have done 3 if not for poor sock choices on both our parts.  We'll probably do 3 next week, assuming our blisters heal satisfactorily!  It was also more fun than I expected.  My team has 15 people, 11 of whom made it this week, and I'm already looking forward to seeing more friendly faces next week. 

Wish me good studying and good group work! I've never really been great at either.