17 February, 2012

Measles, Mumps, and Purple Bumps

Yesterday almost all day, I had a tickle in my throat.  You know, the kind that makes you want to continuously make that "ehkkkkk" noise to dislodge whatever is tickling you?  I finally figured it out around 3:00 when I looked in the mirror at work.  There was a thing on my tonsil. It looked like a chicken pock.  (also, is that the singular of pox?)  I blamed Scott, and went back to drinking a record amount of water.

And then I sneezed.

Something flew out of my mouth and into my elbow pit.  It was a piece of oatmeal.  That's right, I spent about 8 hours with a cooked oat crusted onto my throat.

Not my finest hour(s).

At least it wasn't a raisin!

Post title inspired by the poem Sick, by Shel Silverstein

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mamajoy said...

when I was a kid, Aunt Edna had a tiny piece of matzo cracker stuck to her tonsil ... from taking communion! We drove up to visit John & Toni in Sumneytown that day, and she was stuck with that thing!

Funny thing though, I mentioned this to her after we were grown up, and she doesn't remember the incident! Only I do! LOL But it really happened!