26 February, 2011

PotD: on the ledge

Elphie enjoyed the open window weather this afternoon. Sadly, we came upstairs to an unbearably hot bedroom, so the air conditioner is on for the first time in 2011. Oh well, we enjoyed it while it lasted.

Right, Elph?
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25 February, 2011

PotD: 3 Weeks?

WE HAVE AN EAGLE BABY!!!  Actually, we may have two little chickie-poos up there, but we've only seen what looks to be the back of the head of the second one. (not visible above)

As thrilled as I am to finally have proof of life up there, I'm slightly disappointed to find that it (they?) is probably already 3-4 weeks old.  I came up with that from photos from this entry (3 weeks) and this entry (4 weeks) on the CCB Eagle Nest Blog. Those photos were taken in 2010, but there are 3 new eggs in their nest this year.  I'm totally hooked!

I'm going to exercise self-control and not post all zillion photos I took this afternoon.  But I can't resist showing one more - with the possible second eaglet in the left side of the nest. 

(hat tip to Scott, who was the first to notice the chicks in the nest)

24 February, 2011

PotD: Early

Pictured: the Orange County Courthouse at 7:20 this morning.

Not Pictured: Jamie, annoyed that she is 40 minutes early for juror report time.

Great time doing my civic duty today. Can't talk about it, which is a shame because the whole experience, as Mom predicted, would've been excellent blog fodder. Bonus: I didn't get picked for my jury, so I was out of there before noon and on my way back to work.
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23 February, 2011

PotD: Birds in Trees

Great egrets and wood storks look so silly up in the treetops. You'll just have to take my word, since this picture is so lousy!
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17 February, 2011

PotD: more fog

I miss seeing the road and the rest of the trees on my way to work. I hear it's going to be not much better tomorrow.

Sigh...maybe next week?
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16 February, 2011

PotD: Lunch Date

You can tell this ibis is used to people. The ones at the house would never come this close to people!
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14 February, 2011

PotD: Killer Instinct

Milo and Elph playing tag under the bathroom door.
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12 February, 2011

PotD: Bird Sex!

The sandhill cranes were out this morning, and I thought I'd try to replicate this picture, only with Elphie sitting in the doorway.  Unfortunately for me, the grill is further on the patio than usual, and got in my picture attempts.  But while I had the camera out, the bird closest to me flapped her wings wide. I lifted the camera to my eye to get a picture of the wingspan. The other bird jumped on her back. I snapped the picture. The second bird dismounted.

The whole thing took less than 30 seconds.  Scott missed it completely, though to his credit he did hustle back over when I said, "umm...I think they're mating!"  I actually Googled 'sandhill crane mating' to make sure that's what I had seen.  Yep - that's definitely bird sex.

Actually, it's been a big "circle of life" 24 hours here in the neighborhood, though all out-of-order.  On my way home last night, I stopped at the dumpster and snapped a picture of the eagle nest, complete with one bird peeking out the top.
And then around sunset, we spotted a sandhill crane family out front.  The colt is in the middle:

At this point, I think I'm done with wildlife photography for the weekend. But we're planning on heading out to enjoy the beautiful weather today, so who knows what we'll see?

11 February, 2011

PotD: Birds on a Wire

This photo was taken on Flamingo Crossings Blvd., where I have yet to see a flamingo!

09 February, 2011

PotD: "Sweet" Sunrise

Scott and I carpooled home last night, and therefore back in this morning. Since I'm not usually on that side of town at that time of day, I took the opportunity to snap the sunrise. Sadly, I think I missed the best colors by about 2 minutes. Stupid power lines!

On my way home this afternoon, on a road where the speed limit is a painful 20 MPH, I observed that Aerosmith's "Sweet Emotion" isn't nearly as cool going 20 in a Hyundai as it is going upside down in a roller coaster.

08 February, 2011

Crazy People

Scene: Waiting room of doctor's office
Time: 7:04 am

Man: I'm here for bloodwork...and whoever I'm with, make sure they know I'm really bad with needles.
Receptionist: (smiling) Just let them know when they come and get you. They'll take care of you.
Man: OK, because I can't handle needles at all.

Time: 7:08 am

Woman: Does he even know I'm here?
Receptionist: Excuse me?
Woman: Does he know I'm here? My appointment was at 7. I have to be at work at 7:30 and I can't wait much longer.

Time: 7:12 am

Nurse: Number 2061? (we are handed pagers when we check in, but rather than actually use the pagers, they use them like those take-a-number strips at the deli)
Woman from above: Do you know where Dr. M is?
Nurse: Do I... know where he is?
Woman: I had a 7:00 appointment and (rising from chair) forget it. I have to go. I'm going to be late for work. (slams pager down at reception desk and storms out)

Time: 7:25 am

Man from above: I'm really bad with needles.
Phlebotomist: Okay, no problem.
Man: No, I'm really bad with needles. So make sure I don't see one at all or I'll freak out.
Vampire: Okay...
Man: I once had one (pause for dramatic effect) break off inside me!
Man: umm...
Vampire: did you have any water this morning?
Vampire: ok, I'm going to go and get you some water and give you a chance to calm down.
Man: okay...
(Vampire grabs an empty styrofoam cup and literally bolts from the room.  Jamie, in the next chair over, realizes that this man is between her and the exit and wills her blood to pump out faster so that she can escape before he pukes)

These are verbatim conversations from this morning.  I'm not sure how the crazy woman EVER thought she'd be in and out of the doctor's office in 25 minutes or less (I'm giving her a minimum of 5 minutes travel time to work).  And really, if she starts at 7:30, she's done at 4. The doctor is open until 7 pm - why not schedule an after-work appointment?  You KNOW she went to her work location raving about the terrible service there.  And to think - she didn't even have a chance to sit in an empty exam room for a minimum of 10 minutes! 

As for the man, pardon the expression, but MAN UP!  Put on your big girl panties and suffer quietly. No one - not even the person doing the blood draw - gives a damn about how afraid you are of needles.  It's not going to make her do her job any more gently. If anything, it could make her nervous and end up hurting you even more.  Especially since the girl taking his blood is the one who blew out both of my elbow veins last time.

I wonder if they both survived?

PotD: Best Laid Plans

I tucked my gate remote into my car visor, thinking it would be a convenient place to store it. Great plan, up until the sun was in my eyes, I flipped down the visor, and my remote flew out and dangled there in front of my face. And then I almost crashed because I was laughing so hard.

I should probably move that...

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07 February, 2011

PotD: Weather

It's been like this all day. Blah...
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03 February, 2011

PotD: stage parents

I know this is a terrible photo, and it's blurry and impossible to read, but trust me to paraphrase: "I have so many talents and so many extracurriculars that my mom obviously puts certain members of Jamie's family to shame!" It's the bio of one of the 4 boys who play Billy in this show.

And also: scrape together your pennies and go see Billy Elliot. OMG, I can't remember the last time I went into a musical knowing next to nothing about it and fell so completely in love with it.

Let's hope Act II is just as good!
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02 February, 2011

A Little Change

Today's Photo of the Day... isn't really.  It's actually a PhotoShop of the Day.  And truth be told, it's not even that.  It's a clumsily doctored photo done on Paint.  With a back story.  So let's start there, and attempt to use full sentences with subjects and verbs.

(but before I start, in defense of my poor writing, I'd like to say that I'm sleep-wacky right now.  I worked midnight to 8:30 this morning, having had a 2-hour nap from 8-10pm, and then came home and slept from 10-4. that makes me not sleep-deprived, but definitely off-kilter a bit)

A few days ago, I got an e-mail from Scott with this photo attached (seriously, click the link) and a note that says "don't you want to see the picture where Ozzy bites his head off?"  And I thought yes...yes I do.

And before the "big reveal," I thought I'd mention that Scott met young Master Bieber a few years ago when he was supposed to be doing a fan meet and greet type of thing.  Scott was, to put it kindly, unimpressed with the kid's attitude towards his fans and his handlers.  To this day, it's fun to say "Bieber" and see what sort of face Scott makes.  To put this in perspective, he had a more positive impression of Charlie Crist!  So anyway, here's the loving gift I made for Scott:

01 February, 2011

PotD: Birds (not) on a Wire

I set out to take a picture of the birds on the light poles that I see every morning. The fog and the location of the sun pulled the focus, but I still think it's a pretty neat shot.
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