25 February, 2011

PotD: 3 Weeks?

WE HAVE AN EAGLE BABY!!!  Actually, we may have two little chickie-poos up there, but we've only seen what looks to be the back of the head of the second one. (not visible above)

As thrilled as I am to finally have proof of life up there, I'm slightly disappointed to find that it (they?) is probably already 3-4 weeks old.  I came up with that from photos from this entry (3 weeks) and this entry (4 weeks) on the CCB Eagle Nest Blog. Those photos were taken in 2010, but there are 3 new eggs in their nest this year.  I'm totally hooked!

I'm going to exercise self-control and not post all zillion photos I took this afternoon.  But I can't resist showing one more - with the possible second eaglet in the left side of the nest. 

(hat tip to Scott, who was the first to notice the chicks in the nest)


Janette said...
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wickedmess said...

I think they're amazing and I WANT to see the zillion photos! And I'm so excited for you!