31 January, 2011

PotD: Shopping

I ordered the pair on the left. They're on clearance and only go up to a size 9. I bought them anyway. Fingers crossed that I can squeeze my fat calves into them...
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29 January, 2011

PotD: Impuse

World Market impulse buys are always cool. We got these for AP and self-rising flour. Keeping it on the counter is more ergonomic, since I'm a master baker now. They have smaller ones, too. Maybe for cornmeal?
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27 January, 2011

PotD: Summoned!

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26 January, 2011

No PotD Today

There is no photo today because I left my Purpleberry at work.  Even with the laptop on my lap, I feel disconnected. 

How disconnected? Scott got home an hour ago tentatively holding a jury summons in my direction and this is the first time I've shared that with the outside world.

Jury duty.  In a new county.  In a month.  I'm #100, and am hoping they only call 1-99.  On the bright side, I know it won't be the Casey Anthony case!

25 January, 2011

PotD: Might Rain...

Glad I'm already home!

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24 January, 2011

Honest Review of a Preview Cruise

As I believe I mentioned before, Scott and I bought each other a 2-night preview cruise of the Disney Dream for Christmas.  The cruise was this past weekend, and we had SO much fun and ate SO much food and had SO many new experiences that nothing I could possibly type could possibly encompass it all.

The whole trip wasn't "OMG BEST VACATION EVERRRRR" by a long shot.  Our dining room servers were by far the worst I'd ever had. The assistant server was actually not bad, and would probably thrive if paired with a different partner, but the server barely spoke English, didn't introduce himself, didn't check on whether we liked everything, served me the wrong food enough times that it became comical (him: "your tuna" me: "those are beets." true story!), and literally dropped the food on the table and walked away without explaining the dish. The food was very hit and miss.  My entree on the first night was inedible, and Scott's was maybe the best thing he ate the entire weekend.  Our stateroom was missing a phone and an alarm clock.  There's a hair dryer in the bathroom, but the only outlet sized for the hair dryer was on the desk. We even had a bad service experience on Castaway Cay*.

That said, once the staff gets into the swing of things, I have no doubt that the cruising experience is going to be top-notch. 

The ship itself is exquisite, with chandeliers everywhere that sparkle like diamonds.  The art in the stairwells is beautiful, and varies from 20-foot paintings to production art from Pixar movies.  The ship also has "enchanted art," which are basically framed flat-panel screens that sense your presence and animate for a few seconds.  Walt Disney sketches Mickey Mouse, pirate ships fire cannons, and scenes from cartoons come to life.  I was absolutely enthralled, and kept pausing in front of them to watch them again and again.

The furniture in the public areas is modern and rich and beautiful. And comfortable, too. There were at least a half-dozen places I wished I had more time to sit with a good book. Alas, I had neither time nor book.  The theater and the movie theater are both beautiful, and the shows are spectacular.  There are even nightclubs where loud music and bright flashing lights have been replaced with softer tunes and puffy chairs.  And our stateroom, though a bit smaller than on the other Disney ships, was beautiful and bright with comfy furniture and plenty of storage space.

I would recommend a vacation on the Disney Dream to anyone. But not just yet. Give them six months to settle in before sailing off into the sunset.

*On Castaway, the seat literally broke off of Scott's rented bike on the farthest point on the trail from civilization, bruising his calf and scraping/bruising his stomach where he was nearly impaled by the handlebar. The only good news is that he fell forward onto the handles instead of down onto his testes. Once we walked back to the closest tram spot and rode the tram across the island, we went back to the bike rental shack where I told the worker that the bikes had been ditched. Scott asked about the location of first aid, and I asked for a refund.  He offered me another bike (no thank you) or a float rental (in January? bwahahaha), but said he couldn't give me my money back. I guess now I understand why they make you sign a release before renting!

POTD: lazy

I think the Scrubbing Bubbles are getting lazy. Power tools? I thought they were supposed to do the work for me...
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17 January, 2011

PotD: Rainy Day

The weather is gray and rainy. All you want to do is nap, but you can't find your favorite teddy bear. What do you do? Just follow Milo's lead and cuddle with yourself!

16 January, 2011

PotD: Chocolate Chip Snowmen

When cookies attack: these cookies joined together in the oven to form mutant four-tier snowmen of deliciousness. We dispatched them with a spatula and two hearty appetites.

15 January, 2011

PotD: Taken for a Walk

Who needs a collar and leash? Certainly not Elph - she'll take herself for a walk. No human required!

14 January, 2011

PotD: Let the Eagle Soar

This is actually a picture of the eagle landing.  With wings spread and one foot in the air, the only thing keeping this from being a really great picture is the fact that you can't see its head!  Here are some bonus photos:

PotD x 2

Below are two photos I missed posting earlier in the week:
Scott displays his "big catch" (which is actually a 6" baby hammerhead shark and a little trick photography)
A completely NOT trick shot of a Florida red-shouldered hawk

13 January, 2011

PotD: Stripes

Not pictured: striped scarf or one of my two striped knit ski caps (one of which Scott was wearing around the house earlier while the windows were open due to an unfortunately scented carpet cleaner). 

What can I say? Scott has his argyle and I have my stripes!

Also, please don't judge me by these hideous shoes. I only wear them when it's too cold to go out without socks.  I need boots!

12 January, 2011

PotD: Dinner

It's a breakfast-for-dinner sort of day.  Mmm...scrapple!

09 January, 2011

PotD: cuddles in sunbeams

I was in the office and Milo was crying and crying and crying. Ever since I sat down, he's been on my lap purring and purring and purring. It's nice to feel loved!
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08 January, 2011

PotD: Knobs

Disclosure: this photo is part of my "CarMax Owner's Page." I didn't take it, but I sure enjoy looking at it. 

I went out into the garage and just sat in the car pushing buttons today. (before anyone suggests it, no danger of CO poisoning - garage door was open and the car wasn't on)  Then I let Scott sit in the driver's seat and I tried out the legroom in the back.  Verdict: a few inches more space than in the other car, but I still wouldn't want to be a grown-up stuck back there on a long trip!

07 January, 2011

PotD: (non) Identical Cousins

Behold! This is the scene in my garage right this very second.  Scott and I went out this afternoon to test drive a car I was pretty sure I was going to buy.  AND I BOUGHT IT! The new car doesn't yet have a name, but I can assure you it's not going to be anything suggested thus far on Facebook.

And so, I'd like to introduce you to my car.  She's practically new - 2 years old with only 10,000 miles. Upgrades from my current car include power windows and doors, cruise control (which, at some point, I'll have to learn to use), side airbags and functioning knobs and buttons.  Oh, and integrated satellite radio (3 months free). 

And the color?  In 2011, Hyundai calls it 'dark sapphire blue.'  It probably had a different name two years ago, but I think that's an apt description.

The only upgrade Frances has that this car doesn't is tinted windows.  And frankly, I was shocked at the clarity of the world through these windows on the drive home.  We'll see if I end up tinting them. At least then people were less likely to see me rocking out to Phantom at traffic lights...

So that's all for now.  I'm sure you'll see more over the next few days.

06 January, 2011

PotD: Big Ouch!

I was in a conference room today, and it had a giant calendar held on the wall by giant push pins. I couldn't resist the photo op!

(also Scott? I think I found what you need in your office to hang up that beautiful calendar I made for you!)

(also also: I'm getting old lady hands. I should really consider regular moisturizing!)

05 January, 2011

Cousin Awards

On Facebook today, my cousin Alicia implied that she’s my favorite cousin. I countered by joking that Steve is my favorite. (Steve, for those of you who didn’t grow up with us, is older and tortured us and forced us to call him “Uncle Steve.” We were literally terrified of him.) And then Laura proclaimed herself “Most Conveniently Located” cousin, which she is. This got me thinking about my extended family, and I tried to think up ridiculous superlatives for each one of my cousins. (there are many more – these are just the children of my mother's siblings with whom I’m friends on Facebook)

Alex – Most Recently Facebook Friended Cousin
Alicia – Cousin with Citizenship in the Most Countries
Aubrey – Most Collegiate Cousin
Beth – Best Roller Coaster Buddy Cousin
Dawn – Closest in Age Cousin
Jeff – Curliest Haired Cousin
Jenn – Cousin With the Best Holiday Newsletters/Worst Cousin to Play Circus Acrobats With
Joanne – Cousin Most Likely to Give Good Financial Advice
Laura – Most Conveniently Located Cousin/Cousin Who Had the Best Wedding Food
Naomi – Most Pregnant Cousin
Steve – Most “Uncle” Cousin
Suzanne – Westernmost Cousin

I could never pick a favorite, a prettiest, or a smartest. I loved growing up with the ones aged from Jenn to Dawn. I’m grateful to be close with many of those younger and older. And I’m sorry to have lost touch with the ones who aren’t on this list. These folks were the closest thing I had to siblings until I got married and inherited an honest-to-goodness sister (in-law). Anything I learned (or didn’t learn) about sharing or cooperation probably had something to do with them.

And of course, I heart them all!!

PotD: on sale

New favorite food! These Green Giant single-serving veggie blends are delicious, and currently on sale at Publix for $1 each. We stocked up!
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04 January, 2011

PotD: Dreamy

Fireworks! Giant kites with LED lights in them! Oh, and the biggest, newest ship in the Disney fleet!

The Disney Dream came "home" this morning amid tremendous fanfare. I'm so glad I woke up at 2:30 to go see it! Disney sure knows how to throw a party... if only it hadn't been pre-dawn.

(and if I do say so myself, I like this picture better than the official Disney pictures)

03 January, 2011

PotD: that's not nice!

No, fu** YOU, persimmon!
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02 January, 2011

PotD: Who Am I Anyway?

Cat isn't really sure whether to go into the bathroom for people with boobs, hips, and one leg or the bathroom for two-legged square people.

This is at the AMC, where we saw Black Swan. It's a movie about a ballerina who goes mad, and reminded me of The Sixth Sense or American Psycho, only with more fingernail clipping and cuticle tearing than ANY movie should have.

It was good (not that you'd think that from my review) but I'm not sure I want to see it again.

Of course, I saw some things that I'll be seeing again and again in my mind...

01 January, 2011

PotD: wash me!

Milo took the opportunity to nap in the laundry room, which is generally off-limits, while I was packing up Christmas.

He knows once he curls up in the "cute sleep" I won't kick him out. When he does it, he looks so tiny. I can hardly believe he's going to be 10 this year!
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