05 January, 2011

Cousin Awards

On Facebook today, my cousin Alicia implied that she’s my favorite cousin. I countered by joking that Steve is my favorite. (Steve, for those of you who didn’t grow up with us, is older and tortured us and forced us to call him “Uncle Steve.” We were literally terrified of him.) And then Laura proclaimed herself “Most Conveniently Located” cousin, which she is. This got me thinking about my extended family, and I tried to think up ridiculous superlatives for each one of my cousins. (there are many more – these are just the children of my mother's siblings with whom I’m friends on Facebook)

Alex – Most Recently Facebook Friended Cousin
Alicia – Cousin with Citizenship in the Most Countries
Aubrey – Most Collegiate Cousin
Beth – Best Roller Coaster Buddy Cousin
Dawn – Closest in Age Cousin
Jeff – Curliest Haired Cousin
Jenn – Cousin With the Best Holiday Newsletters/Worst Cousin to Play Circus Acrobats With
Joanne – Cousin Most Likely to Give Good Financial Advice
Laura – Most Conveniently Located Cousin/Cousin Who Had the Best Wedding Food
Naomi – Most Pregnant Cousin
Steve – Most “Uncle” Cousin
Suzanne – Westernmost Cousin

I could never pick a favorite, a prettiest, or a smartest. I loved growing up with the ones aged from Jenn to Dawn. I’m grateful to be close with many of those younger and older. And I’m sorry to have lost touch with the ones who aren’t on this list. These folks were the closest thing I had to siblings until I got married and inherited an honest-to-goodness sister (in-law). Anything I learned (or didn’t learn) about sharing or cooperation probably had something to do with them.

And of course, I heart them all!!


wickedmess said...

That was a fun post! Please give details of the Jenn & the circus acrobat incident. I assume there was an 'incident'.

And you could have done worse than inheriting me as a sister (in-law). I'd give an example but I seriously can't think of one right now. ;-P

Anonymous said...

I'm taking the fifth on the circus acrobat incident. Either that or I don't recall. Come to think of it, the incident (if in fact it did happen which I deny, I mean don't remember, I mean can't say because it might incriminate me) might actually be the reason I became a lawyer. Or not.

Jamie the ParkHopper said...

You know, despite the concussion, that's still one of my funniest childhood stories. Plus, hasn't the statute of limitations run out?