19 September, 2010

Short & Sweet...but Not Quite Sweet Enough

I had a lightning bolt shaped cookie cutter made for me by someone at work.

Weird, right?

Well, probably, but it works for me. See, we are in the midst of this huge new electrical safety program roll-out at work, requiring most of my guys to sit through an hour-long online class and a 2-3 hour actual class. So the cookie cutter was made for me so that I could make "congratulations on finishing" cookies.

The first of my six departments finished their training last week, so I planned to make cookies for them this weekend. I just gave up after 30ish cookies. I got into a good groove, but damn - there's a reason sugar cookies are Christmas/winter staples. It's hot work, and ambient temperature around 80 makes it nearly impossibly to work with the dough.

Oh, and a lightning bolt has a zillion angles, which make it even harder to cut them out and move them around. But I figured out a workaround and they're coming out well - but only 6-7 on one sheet. So it's a slow process. I'll finish them tomorrow night and bring them with me on Tuesday.

For now, I'll just sit and enjoy the cookie smell.

1 comment:

Data Byte said...

teach your engineers not to electrocute themselves TO DEATH, MORE THAN ONCE IN A MONTH, and they won't have to go to classes anymore..

just saying.....