08 September, 2010

Charlie in Wonderland

I'm not sure whether I've dipped my blogging toe into the midterm election madness, but I've been inspired to start.

Crist in Wonderland Episode 1 from RightChange on Vimeo.

...and part 2:

Charlie's In Wonderland Too from RightChange on Vimeo.

(hat tip: Scott Maxwell)

I hated Charlie as Governor. Oh wait - he's still governing, isn't he? I hadn't noticed. Really, as a Democrat and someone who supports President Obama, I feel like I should vote for Kendrick Meek. But if his chances are as slim as they say, then I might vote for Charlie just to vote against ultra-right Marco Rubio. Anyway, though I recognize the cartoons have a different political goal than I have, I still thought they were cute and well done!

I skipped the primary last month because none of the races I cared about were hotly contested. Now I have to start really paying attention - re-elect that loudmouth Alan Grayson? I'm not sure. Sink vs. Scott? Umm...Rick Scott is a total wacko and I wouldn't vote for him if he gave me $1,000. Orange County Mayor? I should probably study that one a little more closely.

Two months to go...

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