07 October, 2010

Oh Really?

Orlando Sentinel columnist Mike Thomas thinks I'm a lousy democrat, and wants me to stand behind Kendrick Meek through the Alamo-like slaughter to come:

And so I say this to the Democrats: There's right and there's wrong. So grab your muskets and go down swinging with Kendrick Meek.

Democrats who have embraced Charlie Crist are dead as a beaver hat.

Their justification for bayoneting Meek in the back is that Charlie is the only guy who can stop Marco Rubio.

Anyone who thinks that is putting too much K2 in the incense burner.

Thanks, Mike.

His justification for throwing out the term "back-stabber" (page 2) is that Rubio is so far ahead in the polls that there's almost no chance he can lose. So since it doesn't matter whether he wins by 1 vote or 5 million, I should throw mine to the candidate destined to come in third so that he feels better about his loss? Because he was blinded by ambition and gave up his "safe" seat in the House to run for the Senate? Maybe if he hadn't been running, a stronger Democrat would've stepped up. If he campaigned more effectively, maybe he wouldn't be in third place now.

Look, Mike, those of us who are worried about the ridiculous havoc someone with Tea Party values could wreak in the United States Senate are willing to swallow our party loyalty and cast the vote we feel is best for the state of Florida and for the country.

I resent the implication that my vote doesn't count. I learned that lesson the hard way in 2000. My vote does count, and I will continue to take that responsibility seriously, balancing my morals and values with what I think is best for the future of the nation. Blindly voting along party lines? That's irresponsible. Voting your conscience? That's called civic responsibility.

Who knows? Maybe one of Custer's men had a better idea but was bound by tradition and loyalty to follow his leader to his death. Thank goodness we have a choice this year.

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mamajoy said...

You probably are a lousy democrat!