13 October, 2010

Good for Her

Apparently this week's theme is setting boundaries. It wasn't intentional - that's just how things worked out.

Also, now seems like a good time to say, "blah blah, miracle in Chile, blah blah, emotional, blah, heart-warming, blah blah blah." And I truly mean that. I watched #9 come up this morning and I saw him hug his waiting family. And it made me happy.

At work, my office-mate and I were talking about it, and since we're both of the age where we think bitter realism is better conversation than fairy tales, our conversation turned to that one miner with the wife and the mistress.

I'm shocked that he wasn't asking to remain down in the mine indefinitely. Well, it seems that in the many days that he had to consider his predicament and figure out how to handle the situation, he decided to play the stranded miner card:

Barrios reportedly asked both his wife and his mistress to be there to greet him when he emerged from underground.

After that, Salinas was done.

"He asked me to come, but it turns out he also invited the other woman and I have decency," Salinas said before the rescue, according to ABC News. "This is very clear: It's her or me.

"I'm happy because he was saved. It's a miracle from God. But I won't attend the rescue."

As a wife, I have to say good for her. Not only did she stand up for her values and her own self-worth, but she did so with class. It's obvious that she loves her husband, and was willing to forgive (or at least try to forgive) him for having had a mistress, but not for continuing to have a mistress.

I'd like to imagine that once Yonni has a chance to settle back into some semblance of normalcy, he'll realize his "love" of the mistress was mostly lust mixed with the fear of getting caught. Now that she's not the forbidden fruit, she'll probably not taste quite as sweet.

And then the question becomes this: does Marta Salinas have it in her heart to forgive him? Can she forgive that he strayed in the first place? Can she forgive that he wanted to keep them both? Can she forget that he kissed that other woman with the whole world watching?

And now, we return to live-streaming of more blah blah amazing rescue blah blah blah.

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wickedmess said...

Everyone keeps going on about what a great story the miners have but I think the real story here is about Marta Salinas and how she handled this whole thing with class and dignity.

I hear that at least 4 or 5 other miners had their wives and mistresses at the rescue site. As happy as I am that all the miners made it out safely I can't help but wonder how mess all this is going to get.