07 August, 2010

Shades of Beige

Exciting color palette, no? In real life, up close, these are all very different shades of beiges and yellows, painstakingly selected one at a time by holding them up to my tile sample. In the photo, they're more like different shades of boring! I'm ok with boring though, because I've come to the conclusion that paint shouldn't be the decoration in the home. It should be the foundation.
Even if you wear blue eyeshadow, you wouldn't color your whole face that way.
We had always considered yellow for both the living room and the kitchen, bot never at the same time. And it will make things easier to choose one shade for the whole downstairs. Yellow/beige will also look good with hardwood floors, should we ever decide to go that route. And once we pick a paint, we can figure out what to do with the empty walls.
Next step: finally deciding to use the tile above (or not) and actually ordering it. Once we have it in hand, we'll decide on the paint color. And then after we've painted? Our next door neighbors bought scrap marble at Lowe's for windowsills and it's beautiful. We're totally stealing that!
And then once the weather cools down, we're finally going to paint (or more likely just white prime) the garage. The bare drywall out there is really starting to annoy me.


wickedmess said...

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy painting? Very much, actually. I consider it sort of Zen therapy. So if you ever need a helping hand, I'm easily drafted.

wickedmess said...

And as much as I love 'Sunrise Beach' (is that right? 4th from the left), Cornmeal B12-2 really looks great with the tiles. Really great.

You should know that it damned near pains me to suggest such a 'normal' color.