11 November, 2012

Low & Slow Sunday

When I get the cooking bug, it's pretty inconvenient with the working and the studying and the exercise... ok, mostly the working and the studying, but I digress.  I have a handful of "low and slow" recipes - ones that take a little prep and then a lot of cooking time.  I went back to chicken and dumplings a few weeks back, and though that recipe ended up being a PITA, it got me back into the mood to cook.

And so, it was decided that we'd have short ribs for dinner.  These short ribs, in fact.  I've made them at least 5 or 6 times now, which is enough to know the ingredients by heart.  It helps that this is a "Five Ingredient Fix" recipe!  The only change I really make is throwing in a bag of baby carrots to the pot before putting it in the oven.  There's something awesome about "drunken carrots" with beef. Trust me.  Oh...and really, the jus is sort of a lost cause.  Sometimes Scott tries it, but most times we're happy to go without.  I think the last time we cooled it, skimmed the fat, and then used the remaining liquid for couscous or something similar a few days later.

I wasn't in the mood to have brown rice or noodles with tonight's meal, and really wanted crusty bread.  We spent too much on groceries this week (pro tip: only buy short ribs when they are on sale. even the $5 bottle of wine couldn't save me) and I frankly didn't feel like going back to the store, so no baguette.

Who needs a baguette?  I can make bread.  And really, the ingredients are basically yeast and flour.  I have those in the house!  So instead of regular bread, I'm trying out a new recipe for pretzel rolls.  My dough is currently on its first rise, and I have it timed pretty closely to the time the meat comes out of the oven.  Hopefully that means I'll be having a short rib sandwich on pretzel bread with a little deli mustard in a little over an hour. 

Who's hungry?

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