01 June, 2012


Just a quick update for posterity:

Yesterday, I ran my first mile in 13.58 minutes. 

Previously, my fastest mile was "14-something" in high school.  Now I can definitely state that this was my fastest mile ever.  Of course, I celebrated with shin splints and a blister on my in-step caused by my insoles shifting.

The official training plan started this week, which means tomorrow is my first Saturday outdoor run.  It's only a mile, but I know "real" running is slower than treadmill running.  I'll be happy to finish it in 15 minutes.

I need to grab my paperwork from the gym and start a progress chart.  I started exercising the first week of April, and when I first started my interval training my mile time was right around 16 minutes.  That means I dropped 2 minutes off my time in 2 months.  I realize that's a progress curve that'll start to level off, but right now I'm pleasantly shocked at my progress.

Now I just need to string 9 more of those together and I'll be ready for my race!  18 weeks to go... yikes!

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