28 June, 2012

Just a List

Where to start?  Well, training is going fine.  I did a 4-mile run last weekend in 1:01.38.  I was hoping to complete in an hour or under, but this time is still under the 16 minute/mile pace I need for the race.  I had an epiphany of sorts on the treadmill yesterday.  I realized I needed to start pushing myself more on my indoor run days, so that my stamina will be there for the longer runs.  I also managed to increase my intervals to 25/35.  I tried 30/30 a few weeks back and thought I was going to die, so I've been at 20/40 ever since. 

Of course, with the longer runs, recovery time is starting to feel more important.  I have fairly mild shin splints that were actually sensitive to the touch until yesterday.  I still feel them with every running step I take.  I'm going to the chiropractor today, and can't wait to see how misaligned I am.

This weekend's run is only two miles, and since Jackie is in town I plan to run around the resort we're staying at.  It'll be weird to not have Scott biking down my heels, but I'm actually looking forward to going out solo.  Next weekend: 5 miles.

Oh, and my new quirk: watching the Olympic track & field trials on TV and referring to the runners as "my people."  Of course, the shot-putters are closer to my shape, but don't tell me that!

In non-runner news, I was covering another department's training while they were backfilling their training person who ran screaming to another position for all of April and May, and the beginning of June.  It was challenging, and I wasn't amazing for their area.  They needed more attention than I could give them, and their training scores suffered.  I know I'm not really to blame for that, but it was still tough for me to deal with.  I'm glad they are off my plate (except for the daily questions from the new training person, which I'm happy to answer) and am looking forward to starting a new and interesting project...once one comes along.

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