04 July, 2012

Less Fat: A 14-Week Progress Report

Yesterday I capped off my personal-best 2-mile time (28.29 minutes) with a second visit to the back room of the gym where they do your measurements.  I didn't actually have them measure me again, because eww - I didn't even want to touch or smell myself at that point, but I wanted to do the little video game where you squeeze the machine and it tells you your body fat percent.  It's still high - well above obese high - but it is 4.7 percentage points lower than it was when I started.

Also, I asked them last week for a copy of my original measurements form and never got around to taking comparison measurements.  But I happen to have a tape measure here, so let's see where we are:

Chest (assuming that was an above-the-boob measurement): -3"
Bicep: +.25"
Waist: -3"
Hips: -3.75"
Thigh: no G.D. change!
Calf: -1"

Body Fat Percentage: -4.7
BMI: -3.3

Well, I guess the thigh and bicep measurements explain why I'm still for the most part fitting in my existing clothes.  Still, even if I'm only 15 pounds lighter (ok, 13.5 - I ate A LOT last weekend with Jackie) I'm still really happy with most of these numbers.

...aaaaand I see where I need to work.  I don't understand how running 6 or more miles every week could not shrink my thighs, but I'll be looking for something that will!


mamajoy said...

Are you feeling good, and strong? Are you experiencing any of the "highs" they promise from running? Any more energy?

Jamie the ParkHopper said...

I think I do have more energy...but my body uses it to wake up at 5am to exercise! Usually, after a longer run I get really chatty and giggly in the car, but by the time we get home it's all I can do to shower before climbing back into bed for a nap!