16 December, 2012

Reindeer Run

Check us out! We're runners!

Yesterday was the Reindeer Run at Sea World, which sounded like so much fun that Scott was willing to let me sign him up.  It turns out that this run didn't feel as well organized as the Disney runs, but the path was wide enough that there were very few choke points.

I also learned that Scott, who didn't train AT ALL for this run, runs faster than I do.  I don't know how long he'd be able to sustain that (I'm guessing not 10 miles...), but I was actually chasing him a few times wondering how much longer he'd run before our next walk break.

I had a LOT of fun! And I'm so proud of Scott for running with me, and glad he did.  It turns out running is harder when you're laughing, but so much more rewarding.

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