22 February, 2014

Oh the Humidity!

This isn't my real Enchanted 10K recap.  This is just a quick post to point out that it is February, and for the second year in a row this particular weekend is unseasonably hot, humid, and terrible.  How do I know?  Photos don't lie...
2013 vs. 2014

I actually think this morning might have been worse than last year.  After all, it was only a 10K and my face is redder and bangs more stalactite-like.  You can also see a dry spot in last year's purple shirt.  I'm pretty sure I didn't have an inch of dry fabric on me this morning!

Anyway, I figured I would do the side-by-side with today's picture, since tomorrow I'll be wearing a visor and not have bangs showing for my second Princess Half Marathon.

PS - I was so excited to be able to recycle last year's feathers! They are now hanging from my rear view mirror, so that probably means they are retired.

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