04 February, 2014

During, Again

It's been two months since my "M" adventure at Old Navy and my decision to post a picture of myself in spandex pants and no bra on the internet.  (hello, creepy Googlers!)  Since then, the grocery store scale tells me I've lost a whopping 4 pounds, but my body tells another story.  Since that photo was taken, I've bought smaller pants for work and taken a smaller race shirt.  I also have a bad feeling I'm about to need to get some smaller bras...again.

Anyway, I thought now would be a fun time to revisit "during" and document my progress.  So here's two months' difference.  I don't know how noticeable the changes are to people who don't see me like this every day (which is, of course, everyone but me!), but I'm actually pretty pleased with the side-by-side comparison.

Here's to continued progress (and the future purchase of a full-length mirror so I can stop standing monkey-toed on the edge of the bathtub)!

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