01 March, 2014


After Princess was relatively unstressful for my body, I finally came to the conclusion that it was time to change my run-walk intervals. The plan was to tweak just a bit, from 20/40 to 25/40, and not switch back even if it was hard. After all, not so very long ago 20/40 was unsustainable for more than a mile, and now I do 13 miles, only walking for water breaks.

Yesterday was my first day running 25 seconds/walking 40 seconds, and it's safe to say these intervals were a success...
One Mile PR!
5K PR!

One of my medium-term running goals was running 5K in under 40 minutes.  Yesterday's run was the first time I managed to accomplish that.  That this run was after work on a relatively warm afternoon is icing on the cake.  I was really huffing and puffing by the end, but felt good and strong... and an afternoon shower has rarely felt so refreshing!

...and in other running news, I haven't updated the list in a while, so here are my upcoming races:
March 16: Sarasota Half-Marathon
April 6: EA Sports Riverside Dash 15K
June 8: ODDyssey Half-Marathon
October 26: The Inaugural Lake Nona 13.1
November 30: Space Coast Half-Marathon

I think these are going to be my only 2014 half marathons (well, in addition to the four I've already completed), because I'm 95% sure I'll be signing up for the WDW Marathon and I'll be doing longer training runs during the fall race season.  Space Coast sucked me back in because of the "Big Bang" challenge series (I'm aiming for 3 -- we'll see about the other 2) and Lake Nona, in addition to being really inexpensive, is going to be Scott's first half.  I'm looking forward to seeing him cross the finish line.

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