24 October, 2009

Casa ParkHopper

A Tour by Scott*
Hi there! Welcome to our new home! Pardon me while I finish installing this incredibly frustrating ceiling fan. While I do this, please feel free to take a look around.
From where you are standing now, you can see our living room and dining room. During our tour you will also see all of the cats. Keep your eyes peeled! Also, please excuse the boxes and other displaced items. We're still unpacking.
Downstairs you will also find the kitchen, powder room, laundry room, and garage. Those aren't part of the current tour.
At the top of the steps, the first room you come to is the guest bathroom. This is where the orange shower curtain ended up. If you can't find a cat, this is usually a pretty good place to look. They find the area behind the toilet a quiet and comforting place to hide.Next up is the office/game room. The blue chair is where you could find Jamie and at least one cat in the dark days between move-in and furniture/cable install.The cats' room is basically empty, except for some fun toys. None of us really spends much time in here. Elphie brings out whichever toy she wants to play with and likes to leave them on the stairs for us to find!
The picture of the bedroom was taken right around 8 am. The light coming in through the CLOSED blinds should give you some idea why we were in such a hurry to buy curtains. They don't really match the quilt-of-many-colors, but I defy you to do better!!And here is the master bath. We're short one towel bar, so we're using a hook on the back of the door right now.
This concludes the tour. Please come back once the boxes are gone from the kitchen. There's still more to see as we continue to settle in and make our house our home. Thanks for visiting!
*not really by Scott, but I took some artistic license with the pictures. It's like historical fiction...or something like that!

1 comment:

wickedmess said...

YAY! I was dying to ask for a tour one but restrained myself.

LOVE the dining room set.

Happy to see the orange shower curtain!

A dedicated cat room totally ROCKS! I have personal experience on that one and it really is the way to go. Just don't forget to change the litter or they will REMIND you! And not in a pleasant way.

My goodness your bedroom is really, REALLY bright! So now I guess you're morning people, huh? LOL!

Thanks for the tour - looking forward to seeing more as you get settled in!