03 October, 2009


We're out of salt here at Apartamente de ParkHopper (as opposed to Casa ParkHopper, which is not where we currently live). This is particularly troublesome for Scott, because he's a good traditional cook and as such salts EVERYTHING.

We were starting to run really low on salt about two weeks ago, and when Scott brought it to my attention, I told him he wasn't allowed to buy more.

[insert Tim Allen "aaarrooogh?" noise here]

See, I have this weird memory of either my grandmother or great-grandmother having a superstition that you can't bring old salt into a new house. I've tried Googling it, and the closest I've come is an Irish housewarming gift of salt, bread and a broom. Just the same, I thought it was best to not tempt fate, so we're holding off on buying a box.

We ran out completely a few days ago.

For now, we've got Lowry's, we've got garlic salt, and we've got pepper (and a zillion other jars of spices - whole coriander, anyone?). Scott is getting twitchy, but making the best of things. And a week from yesterday, I'll let him buy a new box of salt!


wickedmess said...

Tell him to go INSIDE McDonald's and buy one small order of fries. Of course he's going to want ketchup with that - check over by the sodas. What's that? Lots and lots of tiny, little salt packets there for his (a customer!) taking.

Or, more practical and less fun, check Publix for the cheap ($1.50?) disposable salt and pepper combo.

Seriously, y'all are under enough stress without adding suddenly going salt free to the mix.

Jamie the ParkHopper said...

I've suggested the mini salt shaker, but he's sort of a kosher salt snob. To be realistic, we haven't really been cooking a whole lot recently anyway. And believe me...we are most definitely not salt free! Everything already has salt in it anyway - only thing missing it is frozen veggies.

Anonymous said...

And I had been wondering what to get for a housewarming gift.

mamajoy said...

You're spot on! Your Irish Grandmother and Great Grand Mother FIRMLY believed in that tradition. The new broom was so that you didn't bring your old problems with you in your old broom ... and the bread was so you'd always have enough to eat, and the salt was ... um ... something! You can buy salt, you just can't bring it into the new house!

And if you're going to keep their traditions, they have a gross one ... to which you were subjected without my consent: You bite off your baby's fingernails so they don't grow up to be a thief. Apparently, it works!