24 December, 2009


I'd like to dedicate this Lovely Listing to Janette. See if you can figure out why!

Nope, it's not the tiger climbing the walls.

Nope, it's not the themed bathroom. (Actually if I were dedicating the listing to Scott, it would be for the bathroom. He likes turtles!)

Don't see it? OK, fourth picture down (has gravity-defying vines on the ceiling). See it now? All the way on the right? Dude! There's a ukulele right there!

Yep...that was the whole point of this entry. And now, 6 dozen unborn sugar cookies and two unborn apple pies are crying out for creation. Oh yeah, and Scott's gifts need to be wrapped. I think I'll start with the presents...


wickedmess said...

OMG! That's...that's...AWESOME!!!

Okay, now I want a house big enough that I can have a sunroom decorated in a Hawaiian theme with ukuleles everywhere and a mural on the wall with hula girls! I promise to keep the door locked so no one else has to endure the tackiness. :-P

$1.5 million for that house!

Don said...

I have a daughter north of Atlanta who can paint walls, ceilings, cabinets or anything desired to make them look like anything the owner wants. Some examples of her work can be seen @