21 December, 2009


Christmas morning: you've woken up early because you've programmed to do that your entire life. You've opened the gifts. You've eaten your festive holiday breakfast. Now what? Well, if you're reading this, then you probably know me. And anyone who knows me is going to want to turn on the TV to the Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade.

"I am?" you ask.
"You are." I reply

The Encore Cast Choir was asked to help out with the parade taping. See, there was this little-known woman performing a popular Christmas tune, and they thought her performance could use a little star power. Here's a YouTube preview from someone who attended the taping:

Sadly for me, I was a little too slow getting my robe. I ended up in the balcony where there were no risers set up and very little lighting (and where this woman never even bothered to tilt up the camera to). So most likely, you won't see my smiling face on TV. But I really was there. And I'll be watching, looking for Katie and Melissa, who were on the risers, singing on national TV on Christmas morning.


mamajoy said...

Well, I'm certainly going to watch the parade!

wickedmess said...

I hear you so that TOTALLY counts! :-) I'll be up Christmas morning watching, I know they had to pan up at some point.

And now I'll be bragging forever that my sister (i.l.) once sang with a certain Diva!

Don said...

OK, I give up and have to ask who is this “little known woman”?