29 December, 2010


Alternate misleading post title:
What to Expect When You're Expecting
(Baby Eagles)

Do you see it in the picture up above? It's pretty well camouflaged. How about in the picture below?

I could barely see the birds in the nest with my naked eye. And not at all in the camera viewfinder. I lucked out with my timing - one bird had just flown back to the nest with a new stick, and they (I assume) were tucking it in where it needed to go.

So while I don't have any clue if or when we'll actually have a whole big eagle family, I know that for the immediate future I'll have plenty of photo opportunities.


wickedmess said...

YAY! If you have a nest you'll most certainly have babies! They lay eggs around here between November and February. Babies hatch about a month later.

Here's a site that you'll need:

You can check on their map to see if your nest has already been recorded. If not, click 'Contact Us' to report a new nest. Once the eagles are on the books it's a lot easier to protect them.

The 'secret' of good bird photos is to take a gazillion of them. I can't wait to see yours!

Jamie the ParkHopper said...

My nest hadn't been reported, but there was one in 2008 really close by. I wonder if they're related? No clue how those things work...

I tweeted a while back that there was a nest and told Scott if you saw it that you would have all the information I needed to know. And now I know you must not have seen it!

thanks :D

wickedmess said...

The nest may be the same eagles from close by just relocated (as I suspect is our case) OR their offspring starting a new family (which is SOOO exciting!) I don't know of a way to determine it unless you go scope it out on your own.

Your county is due to be surveyed in 2011, so make sure that you report that nest!

(Yes, I missed that Tweet. Next time email me!)

Sorry I missed the tweet!