07 March, 2011

Just Because

Recycling: great for bottles and cans, less great for blogs.  That said, I feel that the previous post contained possibly the greatest run-on sentence ever and deserves another chance at the spotlight:
This project hasn't been easy so far - the carpet is fo' shizzle on the to-do list, since it's got some blue spots that'll probably never come out even with the use of the Kilo Memorial Steam Cleaner; Scott can barely lift his arms (apparently paint-rolling the ceiling uses muscles that he doesn't usually use); and I, as the designated cutter-inner, took so many trips up and down the ladder that my thighs are still burning.
It has urban slang, a reference to cat pee, and burning thighs.  I should've been an English major - this could be Beowulf for the 2010's, people! Now leave me a damn comment before I start posting YouTube videos of my childhood.

Too late!

1 comment:

Ann Nonna Miss said...

You're so right! That sentence was chock full of coolness!

I was an English Major ... so in my current job I am smart enough to say, "May I help the next guest?" instead of, "can I help who's next?"

I also know how to pronounce "entry only" properly!

So, is this for here or to go?