11 March, 2011

Playing Games

Currently, Scott and I are sitting in the living room together, he playing some sort of shoot-'em-up game, and me playing Tetris Battle on Facebook (WHY are the rest of you not playing this game???).  His game has a steady stream of background dialog that I believe is supposed to be radio chatter, but I don't know because I generally tune it out.

Me: "I could've sworn your game just said 'Panko's been hit!' and all I could think was 'not the breadcrumbs!'

Scott: ---

Nothing, not a snort or a grunt of acknowledgement, not even a 'shut up.'  I'm not sure whether he is actively ignoring me, or genuinely didn't hear due to an XBox coma.  In case it's the former, I think I'll just sit here quietly and talk to you nice folks.


If you're overwhelmed by the magnitude of the disaster in Japan, might I recommend two of the funniest blog posts* I've read in ages...

But Wait! Breaking News! Scott's phone just beeped and he immediately looked at it.  He's definitely not in an XBox coma...must just be ignoring me.  Good to know!  (and no, Scott, I don't think you're being rude, so don't be offended. I just think it's funny that I'm currently conversing with you in this fashion)

The Drawer of Shame and Other Assorted Oddities, over at Jennsylvania is a brilliant piece of writing about what happens when your cat eats a meat-flavored piece of string.  I dedicate this link to Mr. French and the great turkey string incident of my childhood.

Ribbed...for Her Pleasure, from A Little Pregnant has a hysterical grouping of comments from her previous blog post.  They're mostly about assvice and other stupid things people were told when pregnant or trying to become so. The comments start about halfway down the post, and you can skip the first half if you're not interested in the context. 

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going back to Tetris.

*granted, I tend to laugh a little harder when I'm trying to not be overwhelmed by sadness, but I still think these would be funny otherwise.

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