04 March, 2011

PotD: Under Construction

Picture it: a room with a dark blue (some might call it "admiral blue") accent wall, the matching tray ceiling glowing with thousands of twinkling stars (or however many glow-in-the-dark stars come in the package...), a white ceiling fan cooling the air...

That's actually as far as the vision goes right now.  We've tentatively picked out the color that the rest of the room will be, and are debating ideas for new furniture.  (I *know* we need an awesome white headboard against that wall, Scott's pretty sure we don't want white because it'll look like a farmhouse, and I'm pretty sure I don't even want to put our existing bed back in there.)

What's on the wall now is just tinted primer, but I love it so much I worry that the actual color won't be as good.  Scott's convinced it's the same exact color, in which case why are we not just buying primer? Either way, "real" painting is tomorrow's project, and I. Can. Not. Wait!

This project hasn't been easy so far - the carpet is fo' shizzle on the to-do list, since it's got some blue spots that'll probably never come out even with the use of the Kilo Memorial Steam Cleaner; Scott can barely lift his arms (apparently paint-rolling the ceiling uses muscles that he doesn't usually use); and I, as the designated cutter-inner, took so many trips up and down the ladder that my thighs are still burning.  Oh - and if you attack a spot of blue paint on the white wall voraciously enough with a wet rag, it WILL come off, along with the white paint, leaving a spot of bare drywall behind.

For now, I'm enjoying our "vacation" in the office.  It's cramped - I'm typing this at the computer desk while sitting at the foot of the bed - but it's sort of fun to wake up and not see the same old things.  And perhaps sleeping in here will inspire our next paint decision...


wickedmess said...

Extra points for the proper use of a semicolon!

Poor Awkward Jamie, I'm really enjoying the family videos!

wickedmess said...

Hey, how did this comment end up down here? Blogger was acting weird last night, for a while I didn't think it was going to let me comment at all.

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