04 January, 2012


Last week, I had a bit of a snit with one of the managers I support.  Here's the quick rundown:

Him: How are you today?
Me: I'd be better if there were more training forms in my mailbox.
Him: It's the holidays dear, every day we open on time we're lucky.

See, he is part of the department I refer to as my Bad News Bears or my Mighty Ducks, depending on how far behind they are on their training that week.  And since about Thanksgiving, I've been warning them that they had a lot of training due in December and that "but it's the HOLIDAYS" was not going to be an accepted excuse for delinquency.

Yeah, I'm kind of a bitch sometimes.

OK, most times.

Anyway, needless to say, they got really behind on their training. Also in case you missed it, the man called me "dear" AND used the holiday excuse in the same sentence.  I was foaming-at-the-mouth angry for the whole morning and my office mate has been calling me "dear" on and off ever since just to tick me off. 

Since I knew the managers weren't on Team Jamie, I contacted every person with overdue training and told them what was due.  I also e-mailed all of the trainers to tell them who needed what.  And this morning when I stopped by my mailbox, I had 15 training forms filled out and ready to be recorded.  That's right, on the busiest week of the year when the manager told me that there was no time for training, somehow the people actually doing the work found time to get it done.

Cookies are going in the oven shortly, and oh dear I think there's only going to be enough for my trainers and not for their bosses.

Mostly Unrelated...
My office mate brought me a bunch of back-to-school supplies today - a bin for my homework, some giant paperclips for my homework, pink and purple pens, Peanuts pencils, and a Mario Cart pencil case.  She apparently thinks I'm going back to the 1st grade, but I totally love her for it!

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mamajoy said...

aww MAN! I wish I had thought of school supplies!