17 April, 2012

The Elusive "It"

"It" doesn't happen overnight.  You don't see it or feel it right away.  I knew that.

But somehow by week 3 I thought it would be more apparent.

Note: beyond the break is an extended whine.  It's ok if you stop reading now.
Less weight?  Umm...I was 4 pounds down at the end of last week, 1/2 pound up today.  Stop looking at the scale!  (I knew I shouldn't even put a number goal down, because I knew I'd get frustrated. But there was that $100 carrot at the end of the stick and I needed to put a number on it.)

Less of me?  My pants are still tight.  When I look closely in the mirror, only my boobs look smaller.

More energy?  Hardly!  Actually, I'm sure I do have more energy... unfortunately, the net gain is wiped out by the 5am alarm and the hour in the gym.

Faster running?  Well hey - I actually have run.  30 seconds on, 60-90 seconds walking today.  My mile time was 16.01 minutes.  Even that's slower than it was last Thursday! 

Feel happier? Not right now.  I've got school money issues and haven't decided whether to take a gamble that my summer student loan comes through, or take one class, or skip the summer completely.  And as always, money woes have lead to general blues.  That's no good when I need one big push to make it through my psych final, and an essay, a quiz, and a final paper in the labor class.  I plan to finish Psych on Sunday, but it's the labor that worries me.

In short, I'm burned out.  And poor.  And did I mention I'm going to have to buy a decent pair of running shoes immediately?  I thought my old beat-up Nikes would last until I was actually running on the street, but my shins and ankles and my right arch disagree.  Even still...
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mamajoy said...

Let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.
- Galatians 6:9

If you were losing 3 lbs a week, you'd gain it all back with the 10%bonus! If you're exercising, you're building muscle mass which weighs more than fat.

Do you want a gift of new shoes? I would be happy to bless you that way.