28 April, 2012

New Shoes

Scott and I finally made it over to Track Shack (where literally every local told me to go for "real" shoes) and came out with new shoes we're very happy with.

Scott's are New Balance, and look almost exactly like his current sneakers, but apparently feel like they were custom-made for his feet.

Mine are Brooks, which I had never heard of before, but are apparently a pretty decent and well-known company.  They are definitely the shiniest shoes I've ever owned.  Trust me - the flash washed out the color, but if you click on that link above you'll see a lot of different silvers in the shoe.  I think they're going to work really well for me.  I felt them pushing my feet the way they should be, and there's room in the toe and they're snug on the heel.  I figure I'll wear them on my short theme park outing tomorrow, just to make sure they're not blistery (yes, for my feet this is a legitimate adjective to describe a shoe) before I hit the gym with them on Monday morning. running will be easier and I'll have more energy and I'll be thin!


Oh, ok.  Well as long as my feet and ankles hurt less...

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