13 June, 2009

We Can Do It: Wine Edition

I know, it's not good to judge a book by its cover, but tell me this label doesn't make you want to try the wine!

It's called Rosé the Riveter and it's from Working Girl Wines. I discovered the company last night at work when I noticed a case displaying their logo (featuring Rosé, Working Girl White, and Go Girl Red) next to my desk. I don't know if we ordered a mixed case that was just packed in it or what, but I totally fell in love. And that was before I found out the name of the wine!

I actually have a Rosie the Riveter magnet on my desk (thanks, Scott) and showed my manager and he was a little freaked out. I think maybe he didn't get the reference before it was right in front of his nose.

I'm hoping that since the case found its way into our office, that means one of our distrubutors carries the collection, and that means it's available in Florida. Fingers crossed...Scott is on a mission to find it for me.

And by the way, according to their website, they support women and family charities. And this particular wine might actually not suck: Wine Press rated the 2006 Rosé "Outstanding!"


mamajoy said...

That label is so cool! I want one too ... the red.

The story reminds me of a tin of breath mints I once bought (and yes, I still have the tin for your dowery). The tin says something so weird like ... the purchase of these breath mints helps abused women ... and my first thought was, "if someone is hitting you ... hmmm ... fresh breath might not be your biggest priority today!" And the wine helping family charities strikes me that way too! OH? Your house burned down? Here, have a bottle of wine!

wickedmess said...

AWESOME label! How cool is the case?

And how cool is Scott that he gave you a Rosie the Riveter magnet?! I love her image and I think it's great that it's made a comeback lately.

Jamie the ParkHopper said...

the case has the same black & white (only color is the wine in the glasses) drawing that's on the upper-left corner of the web page.

Rosie has been my icon since high school when I learned about WWII. And - random factoid of the day for you - she is the only fictional character in the American Adventure (movie at the end not included).

Kathy Charlton said...

Jamie, thanks for the shout out. We love Rose' too, we used to have temporary tattoos with the image from label on them and now we have Rose' doo-rags. Mostly for the enjoyment of us Working Girls at the winery than our actual customers, the possibilities are endless. Wanted to let you know our distributor in FL is

Baireid Wines
(813) 242-4247

You can contact them to find out where the wine is available close to you. Kathy