13 June, 2009

Work "Schedule"

Until the end of Encore, I am scheduled off Monday, Wednesday and Thursday (rehearsal days). That's actually my 2 normal days off and 1 vacation day per week - the only way I could do Encore and not go broke. However, we're in the midst of this system transition right now, so my managers have basically given me carte blanche with my schedule. This week, I worked 4 hours on Wednesday. Next week, I plan to work a full daytime shift on Monday.

It's nice that I'm not having to burn my vacation time, and that I'm able to help out on day shift with training and phone calls and whatever else needs attention. At the same time, I'm coming into my third week in a row with a different schedule. My brain is confused about whether it's my Monday or Friday, and when my next day off is going to be.

...and I thought stepping out of your routine was supposed to be good for your brain!

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mamajoy said...

Are you enjoying the rehearsals? Do you like the music? Hope so!