01 June, 2009

Cooking Fun

What to do with a mostly-full bag of mini marshmallows? Perhaps make a batch of marshmallow-cereal squares? Well, I had the marshmallows, I had 1/2 stick of butter, and I had 8 cups of cereal. I didn't have anything with "Rice" or "Krisp" in the name, but I did have Peanut Butter Crunch. That's crispy, right?

So I made them.

I can't tell you how they are (though my guess is "not good") because they're still cooling in a foil-lined pan. What I can tell you is...

* Melted marshmallow is about 1000 degrees and so sticky you could use it to adhere heat tiles to the outside of the space shuttle. I still have the imprint of a piece of cereal that stuck to my shirt. (yes Scott, I was wearing one of your undershirts. again. I'm sorry, but those things are stain magnets!)
* When the directions call for a "large bowl," they underestimate the sheer volume of 8 cups of cereal. They mean "use a punch bowl." If your bowl is merely large, you will not be able to properly coat all of your cereal with molten marshmallow.

Scott seemed pretty shocked that I had never made Marshmallow-Krisped-Rice-Treats before. I've always liked them, but they weren't something we made. We made cookies by the ton instead.

I'll let you know how they came out, and maybe take a picture, but not until I get home from work. I'm supposed to be leaving in 15 minutes and am nowhere near ready to go.


mama(noricekrispietreats)joy said...

Rice krispie treats made with pb kapn crunch sound WONDERFUL! Hope they work. The first time I ever made them was when I worked at Gardenview Lounge ... or maybe primetime ... I was at Greta's house, I know that much, and her family makes them every year ... and I remember stirring being a huge, hairy deal!

wickedmess said...

It does sound good, I want some!