31 May, 2009

Preaching the Gospel of UP

So, and you may have noticed if you follow my Twitter feed, I saw Disney/Pixar's "Up" on Friday night. And ever since I have been running around to everyone I know and telling them that they have to see the movie. And to bring tissues.

I most definitely give this movie JJJJJ out of JJJJJ. I'm trying to reserve "best Pixar movie ever" judgement for a few years to see if it holds up to the way I love Monsters, Inc. or Finding Nemo after 50+ viewings. But something about this movie got under my skin and stuck with me the way no movie I can remember has.

Without ruining any potential surprises for anyone, I can't possibly do anything close to a proper movie review. But really, go see it. We saw it in 3D, which was cool, and I have every intention of going to see it again in 2D, just to make the comparison. And, you know, maybe I'll make it through the movie without crying next time.

(and yes, I promised a post about our day with Beth and Pete and the girls. I've decided to just post the photos on Facebook.)

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mamajoy said...

Every movie you ever loved, every book you ever loved ... every story you ever heard that sticks with you ... is pointing to the exact same thing.
Curley was right.