12 May, 2009

Not Quite the Waltons

(umm...I'm referencing a pop culture reference from before my time, so I hope that's correct. Were the Waltons the ones who said good night to each other and there were like a dozen names?)

Anyway, I made myself laugh this morning when I came out and greeted my menagerie. Elphie was closest, so I started with her. As I scratched them each on top of the head I said, "good morning baby girl... good morning fat boy... good morning angry cat." And then I thought I should say "good morning John Boy," but I would have just confused the cats.

In retrospect, that might not have been a story worth telling. Sorry. Only other news around here is that our CD matures today and I have to move the money to our savings account. And now, the will power kicks in!


mamajoy said...

Roll over baby, roll over fat boy, roll over ....

Yes, that was the Waltons.

wickedmess said...

Blech, I hated that show.