09 May, 2009

Take Your Kid to Work Day

Conversation between me and Scott earlier today:

Scott: apparently, on Take your Kid to Work Day, at some FL correctional facility they felt it was okay to show the kids how electronic pacification devices worked… You know...TAZERS! A few supervisors have been fired for SOME reason from the facilities. FOR TAZING KIDS maybe?
Jamie: at least they didn't strap them into the death chamber and hook up an IV of anything
Scott: oh now that'd be funnier'n hell
Jamie: "who wants to sit on Old Sparky?" (which is not, incidentally, an electric chair, but the pervy old man who watches the showers)
Scott: is he the guy with the walker? Ol' Ssssssparky

if you're not a fan of Family Guy, or just didn't get the reference to the guy in the walker, check this out...

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Y'all are a riot!