07 May, 2009

Cookie Pile

There's a pile of cookies cooling on a plate on the counter. The pile looks pretty substantial, but isn't going to be nearly as impressive when it is divided in half and shipped to two different locations later this afternoon. We should have made them smaller.

Lessons learned with this particular batch:
* "Softening" butter in the microwave is a delicate process. 2o seconds and the stick is still rock hard, 30 seconds and it's in a puddle.
* Check for all ingredients before starting. This recipe called for 1.5 cups of granulated sugar. The cookies got 1.25 cups of granulated and .25 cups of powdered!
* Pay attention to what you're doing! The cookies were supposed to be pink/white swirled. Instead they are pink with white blobs, sort of like sausage.
* And possibly the most important lesson of all: cookies are forgiving. Despite the fact that these are certainly not the best incarnation of the recipe, they are still tasty. And made with love.

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mamajoy said...

I'll check your link and compare when my batch arrives! :)