07 May, 2009

Yes, They ARE Spoiled

We finally got around to disassembling ZoePig's cage today, and took the opportunity to clean out the bedroom, clean out part of the living room, and re purposed the "Cubes" her cage was made out of to create quite possibly the coolest cat condo I have ever seen!

In the photo to the left, you can see the little plastic charm of a guinea pig head that hung inside Zoe's cage with a chew toy and bell at the bottom. It's hanging on the front of the new tower so that she'll always be with us.

And now, I'd like to present the ZoePig Memorial Kitty Play Zone!
No surprise, Elphie was the first to investigate. She loves toys with feathers!

Then came Kilo, who tested the structural integrity. We had one connector pop off, but there's so many zip ties on here that there was no problem at all. Scott reattached it and we haven't had any other issues so far. **knock wood**

Finally Milo joined the party. Though with Milo, it's less 'party' and more 'let's nap.' He really is my grumpy old man!

This picture is my best chance to show & tell all the cool features of the ZPKPZ.

* The bottom level doesn't really have anything special about it. The two cubes facing the camera are open, but don't connect to the back side. This section is basically still intact from the cage.

* The second level has 2 sections - an open square and an L-shaped section (where Milo is). The left corner is open on top for "secret" access to the third level.

* Kilo is camped out on the third level, which is basically just the one platform.

* The fourth level has two squares with a wall in between. The section where Elphie is sitting doesn't easily connect to anywhere else, and she had to jump to get in there.

* The fifth level is where the cats go when they want to taunt me by threatening to jump to the top of the book shelf. So far none has made the leap, but I'm sure it's coming. Elphie jumps up there all the time when we're not around, making the "bad cat" trip from the back of the TV to the top of the TV to the top of the book shelf.

If we had it to do over again, we'd have done something cooler with the bottom section, and used some common sense to connect the two squares on the fourth level. So far, they seem really happy with their new space (though as I type this, Elphie is on my lap, Milo is asleep under the desk, and Kilo is laying right behind my chair). And in case you were wondering, the lovely burnt orange fabric covering the levels are cheap Wal-Mart towels that we got for Zoe's cage that never got used.

So, are you jealous? I am - I totally want a grown-up size Play Zone!


wickedmess said...

That is so AWESOME! I'm not showing Baxter, he'd be so jealous!

What a great way to remember ZoePig.

mamajoy said...

1. Structural integrity ... ROFL
2. Zoe thing would make a great memeorial christmas ornament.