08 February, 2007

A Whole New World

ZoePig is getting a new home. It's going to be home-made and will add about 4 square feet to her current area, without that pesky "double-wide" divider in the way. We haven't yet acquired the plastic used to make the bottom of the tray, but we did get a set of storage cubes at Target today (on sale for $12) and I had a fun afternoon playing with them. And once I played with them, I couldn't wait to transform the little pig's cage.

(here's a reminder of what it looked like before)

As you can see, the design is open at the top. That's the biggest change so far. And I had no idea how much she wasn't looking through the white bars until I saw her gaze at the vast environment around her tonight. There's about 2" at the top of the picture and 2" that you can't see in the foreground that are currently stuffed with an old rolled up mattress pad because the cage is bigger than the two existing trays.

The other bonus to the new cage is its height. I had enough left over cube sections to make a basement of sorts to store all of the pig-related paraphernalia.

ZoePig also digs the height. I think being up high has made her a little less skittish about us - we're over a foot shorter than we were this morning!

Of course, this is definitely a work in progress. But this cage is plenty big for ZoePig and her hypothetical sibling.

I'm really excited about the way it's looking so far. I can't wait to finish the project.

Staple Update: It's still in after over 36 hours. Good sign? Too early to say. But we're still keeping our fingers crossed.


Janette said...

Wow, it's huge!!!!!

Mommy Joy said...

Is there a piggie out there who's expecting? Or do you plan to go to a pet shop?

The ParkHopper said...

Neither. You shouldn't buy from pet shops. But honestly, it shouldn't be too hard to find one. And that isn't going to be until April at the earliest.