28 February, 2007

Chia Herb Garden - Day 21

It has been 3 weeks since Scott "planted" his Chia herb seeds. (enough time, according to Scott, to gestate a chicken egg) At the time, I predicted that two of the plants would be still-born, and that only two would see actual sunlight. And I was wrong. Eight days ago, all four plants moved into the fresh air.

Sadly, it seems that those of you who predicted that Scott could grow anything were a little mistaken. Marjoram and dill are all but gone - sad, defeated versions of their former vitality.

Marjoram was, on day five, surprising us with its growth. I guess perhaps slow and steady really does win the race.

On the bright side, we have one plant doing really well, and another that just might survive. In fact, the cilantro seems to be trading in its little sprout leaves for some that are the shape of actual cilantro leaves.
We are a little concerned about the droopiness, but we just can't give up completely. More sun? Less sun? More water? Less water? Time for more space? Who knows?


mama joy said...

The questions you have about your cilantro are those of true parents! Too much? Too little? It's so hard to say! Does growing these herbs make you appreciate the fact that we don't have to subsist on our own planting? Can you imagine?

Janette said...

Well I said that I thought the two of you were smart enough to make grass grow. Maybe not. Of course upon reflection, I have doubts about the overall quality of the Chia product line. Let's blame it on them.

"More sun? Less sun? More water? Less water? Time for more space? Who knows?" I say more rum. They were doing great until you moved them from the top of the fridge. Maybe they like the idea of eventually being offered a mojito.

To Mama Joy: I LOVE the idea of subsisting on my own plantings! Give me an acre (or three) and some chickens and I'd be set. Yes, I have that much confidence in non-Chia green thumbs!

Scott and Jamie could do it too...though they may not like it!

Anonymous said...

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