06 February, 2007

Phone Rage

You know, my job requires a certain amount of decorum and professionalism. But sometimes I just can't resist giving people a taste of their own medicine. Take this call from Sunday. I was calling people who were 1/2 hour late for their dinner.

Woman: Hello? (chew chew chew)
Me: Good evening. Mrs. Lopez? (not her real name)
Woman: No.

pause a few seconds while I figure out which way the conversation is going to go

Me: OK. This is Jamie from...

So I think maybe I paused for too long and the woman thought I had disconnected. I was pretty sure she heard me still talking, but you know - she was obviously involved with her chewing. Maybe she was distracted. So I called her back.

Woman: Yes?
Me: Is this the wrong number for the Lopez family?
Woman: Yeah
Me: Well you could have said that the first time before you hung up on me.

Then I hung up on her.

But SHE started it!

1 comment:

Janette said...


I despise it when people chew on the phone. I mean good manners dictate that you not talk with your mouth full for one thing but then - CHEWING IN MY EAR!!!!! ARG!!!!!

(Mom is so guilty of this very bad, bad habit.)