10 February, 2007

Since I Haven't Whined About it in a While...

Remember jury duty? Well I called the "day before" hotline last night, and only groups 1-9 have to go in on Monday. Groups 10-22 (I'm in 17) have to call back Monday night for their status.

I'm really glad I don't have to get up at the crack of dawn on Monday.

I still need to call them on Monday during business hours, because I'm not going to miss ZoePig's vet appointment on Tuesday. I don't want to just be in contempt, ya know? So I figure I'll call and explain my situation to some civil servant who won't be able to do a damn thing for me, and then I'll have something else to whine about.

So at this point, I'm guardedly optimistic about this. Maybe I won't have to go after all. And for those of you wondering why I was so not looking forward to being at the court house at 7:45 am, I have prepared a map of my county.

As you can see, my house is in the bottom-right corner. Tavares is allll the way up, more north than the top of Orange County. It's a long trip along country roads. At 6 in the morning.

I shudder just thinking about it!

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Mama Joy said...

Except for the getting up early part, I think jury duty would be neat!