19 February, 2007

Up Up and Away

It's Monday Photo Shoot time! Show off a picture taken from a height. "A height" you can define as "Higher than I could shoot a picture by holding the camera over my head." Pictures from planes, from the observation decks of skyscrapers, from the roof of your house (although I don't want to put yourself in physical danger to take a picture) or wherever is up there in the air.

Well, Scalzi had an amazing picture of NYC taken from an airplane to show off this week. Thus the photo shoot. I, however, am in short supply of really high heights. I do, however, live on the third floor of my building and have a different perspective from up here. I really wanted a picture from the top of a palm tree, but it turns out none of my windows are near one. So I settled for "street lamp from above" instead.

Of course, that's a little boring. So I'm also showing off my workplace from a height of... umm... outer space, courtesy of Google Maps:

The red roof made it much easier to find than the warehouse building I used to work in!


Mama Joy said...

What a freakish day of the year your "office" was captured! The parking lot, you know, the one where the little people park, is virtually empty!

The ParkHopper said...

nope...wrong lot. the one at the bottom of the picture is the valet lot. the one at the top is the convention lot. the one to the left, about 2" out of the frame of this picture, is the "little people" lot.